Disaster Capitalism film now on Vimeo

My 2018 documentary, Disaster Capitalism, continues to resonate. I’ll be speaking about its ongoing importance, and how disaster capitalism is surging during Covid-19, at an online event on 3 September. The film is already available on multiple streaming platforms and can now be rented and bought on Vimeo: Disaster Capitalism from Media Stockade on Vimeo.

Covid-19 welcomes disaster capitalists

I recently spoke at Virtual Progress 2020, a conference on civil rights and progressive politics. I talked about disaster capitalism. I was then interviewed by Australian outlet Right Now about these issues. Sarah Joseph conducted the interview: Antony Loewenstein has spent the past decade following corporations around the world, examining how they cash in on…

Making money from emergency healthcare

I’ve spent 10+ years investigating the issue of disaster capitalism around the world. Here’s my latest story, published in Australia’s major outlet The Saturday Paper, on the company Aspen Medical, its role during the Covid-19 pandemic and highly profitable contracts around the world. Aspen Medical’s Covid-19 contracts | The Saturday Paper

Disaster Capitalism book published in Arabic

I’m excited to announce that my 2017 book, Disaster Capitalism: Making A Killing Out Of Catastrophe, has just been released in an Arabic translation, now available across the Arab world. This will guarantee its message, how individuals and corporations are increasingly making profit from misery, will reach a huge global audience. 43,000 physical copies of…

Al Jazeera Arabic film on privatised war in Yemen

Al Jazeera Arabic just released a documentary on the brutal war in Yemen, the use of militias and how the conflict is being privatised with violent contractors. I’m interviewed in the film (not because I’ve been to Yemen but due to my extensive work post 9/11 on the use/abuse of private contractors in war). An…