The warmth, memory and strength of Gaza

My essay, reportage and personal reflections about Gaza in US magazine The Markaz. The outlet is publishing an entire edition about Gaza, a Palestinian territory that’s routinely shunned, ignored and demonised in the West. Here’s the beginning of my piece (and read the whole thing): The Children Land’s Kindergarten sits in the Bedouin village of…

Rising Palestinian voices

My recent interview with Bay FM, a great community radio station in Byron Bay, Australia. The interviewer Fernando has constructed an interesting, podcast-style production on Israel/Palestine: BayFM 99.9 · Palestine Special with Mohammed & Muna El-Kurd and Antony Loewenstein 14.06.21

“Battle-testing” weapons during unnecessary conflicts

Whenever there’s another round of fighting between Israel and Hamas, both sides develop/hone their defence systems. Israel often tests new weapons and then promotes them to the world as “battle-tested”. I was interviewed by UK-outlet Middle East Eye (the article is also in French): Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist who was recently based in Jerusalem and is…

What freedom in Palestine could look like

The most intense fighting between Israel and Hamas may have stopped for now but the human rights abuses in Palestine live on. Yesterday I was asked to speak at a large Palestine rally in Sydney’s CBD. I’ve long believed that it’s vital to speak out as a Jew in support of Palestinian rights:

How the media should report more fairly on Palestine/Israel

In the last weeks since the publication of a petition that I helped write, Do Better on Palestine, there’s been a lot of media backlash and public support. It’s a call for the media to more fairly and accurately report on Israel/Palestine. US-based outlet The Intercept has just covered the whole saga and helpfully places…