Rupert’s organ is still upset

Rupert’s organ is still upset

The Murdoch media is very pro-Israel. Back in February, an ex-editor of The Australian newspaper called me out for supporting Palestinian rights and a one-state solution. Now, this same man, Chris Mitchell, is back at it today: Left-wing Jews in the Australian publishing industry, particularly Antony Loewenstein and Louise Adler, support a one-state solution where…

Challenging the power of Murdoch

My debut article for US outlet The Intercept: RUPERT MURDOCH, who oversees a global media empire that includes Fox News, doesn’t like losing, but he just tasted defeat in Australia’s election. Despite years in which Murdoch’s media properties vociferously backed conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Labor leader Anthony Albanese won the May 21 contest. Australia…

Viva Pravda

Murdoch’s Australian newspaper proves the seriousness of its reporting on foreign affairs: The Government of international pariah Hugo Chavez has signalled a challenge to Australia’s influence in the Pacific with an aggressive diplomatic push based on cheap fuel for island states. Speaking on the sidelines of the 38th Pacific Islands Forum in Tonga yesterday, Venezuela’s…

Uncle Rupe, how can I help you?

If you think that Rupert Murdoch can’t still greatly affect election results in the Western world – based purely on power, not ideology, always remember – then you should get your head read.

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