Rupert’s organ is still upset

Rupert’s organ is still upset

The Murdoch media is very pro-Israel. Back in February, an ex-editor of The Australian newspaper called me out for supporting Palestinian rights and a one-state solution. Now, this same man, Chris Mitchell, is back at it today: Left-wing Jews in the Australian publishing industry, particularly Antony Loewenstein and Louise Adler, support a one-state solution where…

The other 9/11 redux

Murdoch’s Australian newspaper may continue to praise the recently deceased Indonesian dictator Soeharto – after all, human rights abuses against Communists and other “undesirables” is a small price to pay for economic development – so it’s worth remembering the legacy of another Western-favoured autocrat, Chile’s General Pinochet: In dealing with the general’s legacy, it’s necessary…

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