Will the Australian election give voice to Palestinians?

My latest investigation for Declassified Australia (including my photos from Gaza in 2017): It’s one of the longest trials of a Palestinian in Israeli history with no end in sight. Israel charged a Gaza-based, World Vision Australia employee, Mohammed El Halabi, in 2016 with illegally diverting millions of dollars of aid money to Hamas. Six years on, Halabi remains in detention…

When is the time to boycott?

When the political and media class routinely support tyranny in the name of ‘democracy’, community-led boycotts become essential. My latest essay in the Sydney Review of Books, a 3k+ word piece, on Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, BDS and reporter John Lyons’ fine new book, Dateline Jerusalem: Journalism’s Toughest Assignment.

The how and why of cultural boycotts of Israel

Irish writer Sally Rooney, one of the most popular writers of her generation, just announced that she won’t allow an Israeli publisher to translate her latest book on political grounds related to Israeli state and corporate complicity with the occupation of Palestine. Here’s my comments to the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age about it…

No more $ to the Iron Dome

A small but significant shift in the official US posture towards Israel with a number of US politicians refusing to give even more money to the Jewish state’s Iron Dome. My comments to Middle East Eye: Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist who is writing a book on how Israel’s occupation has gone global, says that…

Rising Palestinian voices

My recent interview with Bay FM, a great community radio station in Byron Bay, Australia. The interviewer Fernando has constructed an interesting, podcast-style production on Israel/Palestine: BayFM 99.9 · Palestine Special with Mohammed & Muna El-Kurd and Antony Loewenstein 14.06.21