Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies such as G4S, Serco, and Halliburton cash in on or­ganized misery in a hidden world of privatized detention centers, militarized private security, aid profiteering, and destructive mining.

Disaster has become big business. Talking to immigrants stuck in limbo in Britain or visiting immigration centers in America, Loewenstein maps the secret networks formed to help cor­porations bleed what profits they can from economic crisis. He debates with Western contractors in Afghanistan, meets the locals in post-earthquake Haiti, and in Greece finds a country at the mercy of vulture profiteers. In Papua New Guinea, he sees a local commu­nity forced to rebel against predatory resource companies and NGOs.

What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. Disaster Capitalism is published by Verso in 2015 and in paperback in January 2017.

Profits_of_doom_cover_350Vulture capitalism has seen the corporation become more powerful than the state, and yet its work is often done by stealth, supported by political and media elites. The result is privatised wars and outsourced detention centres, mining companies pillaging precious land in developing countries and struggling nations invaded by NGOs and the corporate dollar. Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein travels to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and across Australia to witness the reality of this largely hidden world of privatised detention centres, outsourced aid, destructive resource wars and militarized private security. Who is involved and why? Can it be stopped? What are the alternatives in a globalised world? Profits of Doom, published in 2013 and released in an updated edition in 2014, challenges the fundamentals of our unsustainable way of life and the money-making imperatives driving it. It is released in an updated edition in 2014.
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After Zionism, published in 2012 and 2013 with co-editor Ahmed Moor, brings together some of the world s leading thinkers on the Middle East question to dissect the century-long conflict between Zionism and the Palestinians, and to explore possible forms of a one-state solution. Time has run out for the two-state solution because of the unending and permanent Jewish colonization of Palestinian land. Although deep mistrust exists on both sides of the conflict, growing numbers of Palestinians and Israelis, Jews and Arabs are working together to forge a different, unified future. Progressive and realist ideas are at last gaining a foothold in the discourse, while those influenced by the colonial era have been discredited or abandoned. Whatever the political solution may be, Palestinian and Israeli lives are intertwined, enmeshed, irrevocably. This daring and timely collection includes essays by Omar Barghouti, Jonathan Cook, Joseph Dana, Jeremiah Haber, Jeff Halper, Ghada Karmi, Antony Loewenstein, Saree Makdisi, John Mearsheimer, Ahmed Moor, Ilan Pappe, Sara Roy and Phil Weiss.
The 2008 financial crisis opened the door for a bold, progressive social movement. But despite widespread revulsion at economic inequity and political opportunism, after the crash very little has changed. Has the Left failed? What agenda should progressives pursue? And what alternatives do they dare to imagine? Left Turn, published by Melbourne University Press in 2012 and co-edited with Jeff Sparrow, is aimed at the many Australians disillusioned with the political process. It includes passionate and challenging contributions by a diverse range of writers, thinkers and politicians, from Larissa Berendht and Christos Tsiolkas to Guy Rundle and Lee Rhiannon. These essays offer perspectives largely excluded from the mainstream. They offer possibilities for resistance and for a renewed struggle for change.
The Blogging Revolution, released by Melbourne University Press in 2008, is a colourful and revelatory account of bloggers around the globe why live and write under repressive regimes - many of them risking their lives in doing so. Antony Loewenstein's travels take him to private parties in Iran and Egypt, internet cafes in Saudi Arabia and Damascus, to the homes of Cuban dissidents and into newspaper offices in Beijing, where he discovers the ways in which the internet is threatening the ruld of governments. Through first-hand investigations, he reveals the complicity of Western multinationals in assisting the restriction of information in these countries and how bloggers are leading the charge for change. The blogging revolution is a superb examination about the nature of repression in the twenty-first century and the power of brave individuals to overcome it. It was released in an updated edition in 2011, post the Arab revolutions, and an updated Indian print version in 2011.
The best-selling book on the Israel/Palestine conflict, My Israel Question - on Jewish identity, the Zionist lobby, reporting from Palestine and future Middle East directions - was released by Melbourne University Press in 2006. A new, updated edition was released in 2007 (and reprinted again in 2008). The book was short-listed for the 2007 NSW Premier's Literary Award. Another fully updated, third edition was published in 2009. It was released in all e-book formats in 2011. An updated and translated edition was published in Arabic in 2012.

They’re only Muslims, after all

Israel proves its expertise in cultural sensitivity:

“A dispute over the fate of an ancient Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem threatened Wednesday to ignite tensions in Holy City as workers removed skeletons from the site despite Muslim pleas for the work to end.

“Israeli developers and archaeologists are removing the tombs to make room for the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center to build a multi-million-dollar Museum of Tolerance, dedicated in part to promoting understanding among different religions. Muslims are incensed.

“Mufti Ikrema Sabri, the senior Islamic cleric in Jerusalem, on Wednesday demanded that the dig stop at the site which until 1948 served as the main Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem.

“‘There should be a complete cessation of work on the cemetery because it is sacred for the Muslims,’ Sabri told The Associated Press. The Waqf, the Muslim council in Jerusalem that Sabri oversees, was not consulted on the dig, he said. The cemetery was in use for 15 decades and friends of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad are buried there, Sabri said.”

Imagine the justified outcry if a Muslim country desecrated Jewish graves?

  • Aaron Lane

    "Imagine the justified outcry if a Muslim country desecrated Jewish graves?"This is not a question, but rather a directive, so why the question mark?

  • smiths

    its literally unbelievableworkers removed skeletons from the site despite Muslim pleas for the work to end."Israeli developers and archaeologists are removing the tombs to make room for the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center to build a multi-million-dollar Museum of Tolerance, dedicated in part to promoting understanding among different religionsthe site which until 1948 served as the main Muslim cemetery in Jerusalemi cant help but feel they know exactly what they are doing and are constantly attempting to bring about 'the clash'

  • psydoc

    We don't have to imagine Ant, where was your outrage at the desecration of Rachel's tomb? Did Jews go out and start burning Arab embassies?What happened when Jordan occupied Jerusalem? Jewish graves were routinely desecrated. Tombstones were used to make the floor of urinals. Where was the outcry there?Why does Ant only see Jewish wrongdoing? It is astonishing.

  • Glenn Condell

    When anyone points out Israel's oppressive behaviour, arrogance, ethnic cleansing or whatever, all you Likudnik anonymice can muster 'what about xx or yy' It would be nice to see some of you, just once, preface your comparisons with an acknowledgement that what is being done by Israel is wrong. Is that too hard?

  • Antony Loewenstein


  • psydoc

    One of the biggest problems in these kinds of claims is that the facts as usual are in dispute.What is not disputed is that Jews did not go on a rampage when Jewish tombs were desecrated by Arabs.

  • JohD

    The assertion that Jews never go on a rampage is not verifiable, and on the face of it disinformation. jews can be as rabid and uncompromising as any other group. The Waqf is also mistaken, or else the comment has been mistranslated. The cemetary has been in use for 15 centuries, not 15 decades.

  • David Heidelberg

    Following 1967, the Israeli's also turned several Mosques into bars.

  • Aaron Lane

    Hey Glenn, Psychodoc was merely pointing out that Antony's hypothetical situation was not so hypothetical.

  • Melanie

    What the Arabs have done to Jewish graves over the years is despicable. But getting back to this case, it happens in almost every major Israeli property development. In such a small country with a few thousand years of civilization and most of the development in areas where there has been ongoing human presence, there is hardly a major development that takes place without this type of discovery. And often the development still goes on while disputes are being settled. Usually it us Jewish graves so the world doesn't pay attention to those grievences.Now getting back to Muslims desecrating Jewish graves. What the Jordanians did to the ancient Jewish graves in Jerusalem when they occupied the Westbank for almost 20 years – using the tombstones for roads and other constructions – was…typical.

  • Wombat

    Aaron,Yes you might be right abotu Psydocs statement, but Glenn is right.Never has Psydoc aknowledged wrogndoignt Palestinians, but rather, he/she goes on the immediate defensive every time.

  • Viva Peace

    AntonyI'm a bit confused here. YOu ask "the justified outcry if a Muslim country desecrated Jewish graves?"WHO do you think would complain? From what I understand Muslims hate Jews and Jews know it,Also from my understanding Muslims have been trying to commit genocide on the Jewish people for hubdreds of years.Am I wrong?

  • Melanie

    Let's compare this: how it would be treated in the Muslim world.

  • Ibrahamav

    So the Arab desecration of the sites under their control was actually an attempt to humiliate the Jews?

  • JohD

    The graves were not 'discovered'. The cemetary has been in continuous use for fifteen centuries. If you want to know how that is done, Muslims recycle graves by digging them up, moving any remains into a slit dug into the wall of the grave, and burying another in the grave. This can be done multiple times. Jews are attempting to build a Holocaust memorial on the site of a functioning cemetary, not some long forgotten burial site.

  • RHRoss

    If this cemetery is not in Arab East Jerusalem then one can't criticise the Israelis too much. There is so little land and they have to build somewhere and one can understand the logic that it's better, and easier, to build on a Moslem cemetery than a Jewish one. They have no respect for Christian cemeteries either.If it is in Arab East Jerusalem, then one can, because this is occupied land and they have no legal right to build or destroy here. Not that that stops them.Israel has some excellent archeologists of high integrity but it also has a policy of 'destroying' where it can, any evidence of non-Jewish habitation. Which is most of it actually. Some of it they can't because most historical sites are Roman and there is very little "jewish' archeological evidence. No doubt because the Jewish 'imprint, despite Biblical stories, was really very small. But there does seem to be an active policy of 'removing' evidence where possible.This is something the Christian churches have been upset about for years so the policy is not aimed at Moslems alone.

  • psydoc

    David Heidelberg: try naming them without relying on propaganda sources

  • orang

    Viva Peace , "I understand Muslims hate Jews and Jews know it,.." (in contrast to the eternal love jews show towards muslims?)"Also from my understanding Muslims have been trying to commit genocide on the Jewish people for hubdreds of years. Am I wrong? "You are definitely wrong. Read a bit and not anti-muslim propaganda.

  • Glenn Condell

    'the facts as usual are in dispute.'Only by partisans like yourself. And 'as usual' is right. Facts are facts, unless Israel decides they aren't.Fact – the IDF has in recent days shot a 9 year old girl. Is this in dispute? Can you weasel your way out of condemnation of that crime? I have 9 year old daughter and let me tell you, if anyone shot her dead I would take revenge on the people who did it. If those people were the faceless soldiers of a regime which wouldn't dream of bringing the criminals to justice, and who are to well protected to reach, then I would assault the civilian population that supported the murder (and it's coverup) of my child. Would you do the same?The soldier that shot that girl should be explaining on national television why he did it. These atrocities are state-sanctioned if no-one pays for them. That is the sort of state the world can do without, and it is certainly the kind of nation my nation should be condemning rather than supporting. Defend if you can the murder of a 9 year old girl. Let's hear it Aaron, psycdoc, melanie, ibraham. And this time, leave out the finger pointing to others.. simply address this one event. After that you can chunter on til we all drop off, as usual, but before that I want to know what you think ought to happen to the soldier involved.

  • psydoc

    It is apalling that a child get killed in any circumstance. But we do not yet know the circumstances. Just as people like Glenn came to condemn the killing of Mohamed Al Dura, it took some time to actually establish that the killers were not in fact the IDF.Similarly, when Palestinian gunmen use civilians as shields and move among civilians without identifying themselves as combattants, of course civilians will be killed. This is why it is a war crime to not identify yourself as a commbatant.Facts are often in dispute and yes it is often the Israelis who are doing the disputing because they are subject to wild and emotive claims that are frequently untrue. Jenin is a glaring example of this.So glenn, settled down, be reassured that israel is governed by laws and if a crime has been committed it will be fully prosecuted.Compare this to the deliberate targetting of children by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa PFLP and the list goes on and on.

  • Wombat

    "So glenn, settled down, be reassured that israel is governed by laws and if a crime has been committed it will be fully prosecuted."That's certainly a matter of contention. The IDF soldier who emtpied 17 rounds into a 17 year old Palesitnian girl, who wsa indetified as being sacred to death before she was shot, go off with little more than a reprimand for conduct unbecomming.So while it may be a war crime to not identify yourself as a commbatant, ti seems that wearing a military uniform usually guarantess imminity from sentences nonrmally given to civilians.

  • Wombat

    Sorry, correction, make that a 13 year old Palestinian girl.

  • Antony Loewenstein

    For all the spurious claims that Israel is a democracy, wrong-does are punished etc, the facts simply don't bear this out.This HRW report of last year ( explains how the military has little or no accountability. Ever.

  • Stev

    psydoc said…David Heidelberg: try naming them without relying on propaganda sourcesorang said…You are definitely wrong. Read a bit and not anti-muslim propaganda.There's an important point that needs to be raised here. I'm sure we can all agree that every single source has at least some degree of bias. Of that we can be sure.I hope we can also agree that propaganda, by its very nature, is completely indiscernable from ordinary journalism. At least successful propaganda is such.If we can agree on those points, then we only really have two options regarding any and all sources. We can either discard all sources on both sides of the fence because they are biased/propaganda, or we can consider all sources (with a keen mind and a grain of salt of course) and try to find the truth somewhere between the two polar extremes.So let's be careful about dismissing any sources that disagree with our opinions as 'propaganda', and at the same time be careful about accepting any sources that agree with our opinions as completely trustworthy.

  • orang

    Stev, that boy/girl Viva Peace said,"I understand Muslims hate Jews and Jews know it,.." "Also from my understanding Muslims have been trying to commit genocide on the Jewish people for hubdreds of years."It seems pretty obvious to me that he/she has been influenced by propaganda which has left him with an extremely distorted view of muslims.I don't believe one has to read "propaganda" to have a balanced view. In fact, if you read absolutely nothing , you could have a more moderate opinion on the issue. (This was the big hope with big W. A man who is completely ignorant should not have any axe to grind, but alas with the "Sharon is a man of peace" vomit, that was that.)

  • James Waterton

    Orang – how do you know your view isn't distorted?

  • Edward Mariyani-Squi

    [1] "I understand Muslims hate Jews and Jews know it,.." [2] "Also from my understanding Muslims have been trying to commit genocide on the Jewish people for hubdreds of years."James Waterton said… Orang – how do you know your view isn't distorted?Re [1]: the is such an absurd, gross generalisation that it doesn't even begin to bear serious consideration. Re [2]: First, histories written by academics who have had to survive the editorial and peer review process pretty clearly indicate that this is not true. Second, even a Bear of Little Brain can figure out that a relatively small Jewish population would have been completely desimated if the Arab (because that's what is really being referred to) had in fact wanted to "commit genocide…for hundreds of years". The Jewish communities in Arab nations were not eliminated; ipso facto there was no such desire.[1] and [2] are distorted.

  • orang

    james,I've been around the block a few times. I've lived in a few differing countries including the US, Europe, Arab, muslim…… while for me getting into the swing of things vis a vis the "war of civilisations" and the morons who riot over a few cartoons, would be a whole lot easier than "doing the right thing" (no , not as defined by slimeball John Howard) but as in "Do unto others as you …da da da (holy shit, is that christian? well, probably been around for longer).

  • James Waterton

    Says you.There is a fair degree of truth in both one and two, even though they're not the literal truth. Your vehement denials of both are proof of your own distorted view.Also, your simplistic deductions – blissfully lacking in historical perspective – count for very little.