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We want war

The LA Times may claim that at least 50,000 Iraqis have been killed since the 2003 “liberation” – a grossly conservative figure, it seems – the Washington Post provides space for Richard Perle to demand US action on Iran:

I know it is not too late for us, not too late to give substance to Bush’s words, not too late to redeem our honour.

Perle and honour aren’t two words that automatically spring to mind.  The fact that the Post still publishes people like Perle proves that the establishment respects individuals who express hyperbole and advocate war, yet refuse to take responsibility for their past, criminal actions.

  • captain

    Yes, its terrible how many people those terrorists have killed.

  • Addamo

    Captain, the undisputed Cretin of his list, contnues to ignore medical advice adn take his medication:

    Yes, its terrible how many people those terrorists have killed.

    How many terrorists were killing Iraqi's prior to 2003?

    Yes it is refreshing to know that a war that started out with Shaock and Awe has led to no deaths by US forces.

    It's wonderful to know that even at the rate the US as been dropping bombs on Iraq (more than 1 a minute 24/7 since the war began) that none of them have led to the deaths fo innocents.

  • Addamo

    Perle is a lunatic who should be in the dock but continues to put forth his rancid ideology.

    For quie some time now, Perle has been promoting his theory that the lessons of the failure in Iraq is to be less cautious abotu attacking Iran.

    That's like a drunk driver suggesting that the way to avoid an accident next time is to drink more.

  • captain

    Well of course Perle's views are "rancid" he is Jewish, oh and he isn't an Israel hater.

    Oh, and of course there was that inconvenient number of local Muslims killed earlier: was it 1million? I suppose Perle was responsible for that as well addddummmboid?

  • Addamo

    Having another one of your phychotic episodes Captain?

    Well of course Perle’s views are “rancid” he is Jewish, oh and he isn’t an Israel hater.

    What does being a delusional freak have to do with beig Jewish? You are not what I woudl consider to be a good example of a healthy Jewish mind Captain.

    Perle is the man who predicted that a year after the invasion, a statue to George Bush would stand where Saddam's statue stood.

    "Oh, and of course there was that inconvenient number of local Muslims killed earlier: was it 1million? I suppose Perle was responsible for that as well addddummmboid?"

    He Captain Cretin, you were obviously to young or stupid to remember that those deaths were the resulf of sanctions that we were told were meant to disarm Iraq, but which Bush Senior (who helped to drap the resolutions) later stated would remain even if Iraq were to comply fully, so long as Saddam were in power.

    Do you think for a minute that Buch or cheney would stand down if another country were to hold the US to randsome in the same way? Don't answer that, you really are that stupid.

    That puts the blood of those million on the hands of the US as much as Saddam, of nto more so.

  • captain

    that those deaths were the resulf of sanctions that we were told were meant to disarm Iraq,

    Nope: The Iran Iraq war.

  • Addamo

    Nope: The Iran Iraq war.

    The same war that the US (who supported Iraq) and Israel (who supported Iran). But sure, you have a point. Saddam started that war.

    In any case, a million died as a result fo teh sanctions that were imposed and remained in place by the US.

  • Addamo

    An interesting piece that touches on teh Iraq/Iran war:

    With his huge ego and pension for self-aggrandizement, Saddam proved to be easy prey for America’s schemes re dominating the Gulf. With American prompting, Saddam led Iraq into a bruising war versus Iran for eight long years. The Iraq-Iran war depleted Iraq’s resources and crippled its economy with debt and lost oil revenues. There were at least four-hundred thousand killed on both sides, however the exact number of war dead remains unknown. As Heikal recorded in “Illusions of Triumph”: whenever one side seemed in sight of victory Washington would secretly begin helping its opponent. The US intention was to “let them kill each other”— a remark attributed to Kissinger. The Iraq-Iran war cost both sides about $390B USD.

  • captain

    of course, it was America's fault that two muslim countries would fight each other. I mean, you couldn't blame the people fighting, could you?

  • Addamo

    I mean, you couldn’t blame the people fighting, could you?

    No you can't, but who's saying that? Can you ever stay on topic without resorting to childish dummy spits? The point here is that the US encouraged the war, and made no effort to oncourage a cease fire. In fact:

    The Iran-Iraq war coincided with a slack period in global arms sales, and at least fifty nations participated in meeting the demand for Iran-Iraq war weaponry. According to Adams in Trading in Death, twenty-eight countries (led by the permanent members of the UN Security Council) supplied Iraq and Iran with weapons, including chemical weapons. But US strategists were not content with the damage caused by the Iraq-Iran war. Ironically, Saddam was now seen as a growing militarist threat in the Gulf region, even though Saddam as militarist monster had been created by the United States itself. In the United States, Neo-conservative militarist ideology under Reagan replaced earlier 'realist' thinking in Washington; the growth of the Neo-conservative movement in the United States was led by former democrats who had become fervent Reaganite Republicans, with a core belief that the United States must use military might to enforce its hegemonic designs in the middle east, Africa, and elsewhere.�US militarist ideology had armed Saddam versus Iran, but the United States was a victim of its own success as borne out by Iran contra and other scandals – not the least of which was Saddam's emergence as a military threat to Israel and US energy interests in the Gulf after the Iran-Iraq war. During the late 1980�s Neo-conservatives developed the core belief that Hussein's regime must go and they planned his demise, which included no provision for a true self-governing state.

  • While US forces are not directly responsible for most of the 50,000 deaths the US invasion has set in train a civil war between Sunni's and Shiites.

    This war keeps Iraq weak and dependent on the US. The US appears to allowing the Shiite dominated government and death squads to get the upper hand.

    This may be a highly cynical example of realpolitik. Basically keep Iran "happy" with a roughly Shiiteised Iraq and keep the Sunni Saudi's on their toes. The only thing standing between Shiite Iran this newly manufactured Iraq and militarily weak Saudi Arabia is the US military.

    A type of military protection, for oil deals protection racket.

    See my current post on the oil game.


  • viva peace


    On the Sunni-Shiite civil war you seem worryingly ready to divert "blame" from the actual antagonists. A more robust narrative of this civil war is that it had been kept in check by a ruthless dictator, Saddam Hussein. As we now know, his hold on dictatorial power was at its end. So, civil war was probably inevitable anyhow.

    The difference post-invasion is that we are three years further down the track of developing sustainable governance and security institutions than we would have been otherwise.

  • Captain displays the classic wingnut affliction of circular reasoning.

    The fact that the 'war against terror' has created a terrorist hellhole is used as an excuse and justification for the war in the first place.

  • captain

    david, every despotic regime is a recipe for terrorism. Its just a matter of what kind. Saddam was institutional state based terror that saw the death of a least a million mulsims. Having a benign indifference to what is happening to our muslim brothers and sisters is merely isolationist buffoonery that the left such as yourself have mastered. No middle east dictatorship can be allowed to remain. The terrorists are like metastases. You can't give up just because you haven't won. Unless you are a diehard pervert leftist such as yourself.

  • Don Wigan

    Speaking of terrorists, in a career of arrogant incompetence, one of Richard Perle's more infamous quotes was to refer to journalist Seymour Hersch as a 'terrorist'.

    It's amazing he's still game to appear in public.

  • Addamo


    It's no surprise that you woudl consider the most tenuous of "what if's" to be the basis of a robust argument, nor is it any coincident that the this baseless theory is among the favourtites of Hithchens. How do "we know" that Saddam's hold on power what a nearing it's end, and if so, why the urgency to overthrow him? Oh that's right, we wnated to held the Iraqi's achieve a soft landing right?

    Iraqi nationals are quickt point out that the antagosim that the Western media is so quick to hype was not nearly as significant.

    The difference post-invasion is that we are three years further down the track of developing sustainable governance and security institutions than we would have been otherwise.

    Completely delusional, for this is the last thing Washingotn wanted. The invasion itself destroyed what was left of these institutions under Saddam, and in fact, Bremmer's descision to dismantle this structure is blamed for the chaos that ensued.

    Little reported is that J Garner, Bremmer's precedessor, upon arriving in Baghdad, conveneed a meeting of tribal leaders to establish a peaceful transfer of power to the Iraqi's and to hold general elections within 90 days. Rumselfed got on teh phone with him and told him he was fired and to take the next plane out fo Baghdad.

    Genral and open elections were never part pf teh plans, and had it not been for Sistani mobilising the Shiites in demonstration, would never have taken place.

  • captain

    He said he was "like a terrorist", not a terrorist.

  • Addamo

    every despotic regime is a recipe for terrorism

    Actaully most countries in general excercise terrorim. The US has long done so through it's proxies, the CIA in Lartin America, and the UK through MI5/MI6. Israel itself has a history of terrorism from it's very beginning, being masters fo false flag operations.

    of course, such states would never call it terrorirsm. You could call it a sign of progress.

  • Addamo

    Not surprisingly, Perle is still under investigation for unscrupullus dealings with Boeing and Conrad Black's group.

  • orang

    Perle and honour…nope doesn't fit.
    Perle and his coven of slimebags are always available as "Middle East Experts" for their valuable advice whenever the media needs to fluff up a story for empire.

  • "diehard pervert leftist such as yourself."

    I am sure this exact phrase has been used elsewhere in another context and attacking someone else.

    The difficulty with this stupid sort of abuse is that it doesn't extend the discussion in any way and just resorts to personal attacks.

    Richard Perle is a right-wing reactionary neocon and of course a passionate zionist – how could he not be with such sound credentials!

    And of course therefore cannot be labelled an anti-semitic nazi. OH NO! of course not!

  • Addamo

    Rochard Perle has been wrong about everything to do ith the Iraq war.

    – He was among those who was criicising teh CIA for being too cautious and conservative with pre-war intel, but more than happy for them to take all the blame for pre war intel failures.

    – He was among those who said Iraq would attack the west.

    – He was among those who said we would be greeted as liberators in Iraq.

    – He was among those who said Iraq woud be a cakewalk.

    – He was among those who said that democratising Iraq would create an outward domino effect of democratising the region.

    Perle is the poster child for ideology out of control. in spite of all the free press he continues to get, no one pays any attention to him anymore.

  • captain

    Mannie, your pathological hatred of zionist is exactly the same as people's pathological hatred of gays. Its a pity you can't see this.

  • captain

    Oh, aren't these pals just delightful: justifying kidnapping!! Of course it is only a matter of time before the buffoons line up here to justify their actions.

  • captain

    And aren't they just so peaceful! I can't imagine why Israel has difficulty finding a partner in peace?

  • captain

    and enlisting their women and children whom they claim are the innocent victims in this conflict. I say its child abuse!! Gotta love those pals!

  • Addamo

    Mannie, your pathological hatred of zionist is exactly the same as people’s pathological hatred of gays. Its a pity you can’t see this.

    And you Captain have exhibited one of these. I hiope you get paid well for exposing yourself in public like that.

    Oh, aren’t these pals just delightful: justifying kidnapping!!

    Indeed, those wonderful Zionists don't lower themselves to kidnapping do they? No, they are much to civilised for that. Targetted assasinations and murdering children, now that is the way to really prove one's humanity.

    I can’t imagine why Israel has difficulty finding a partner in peace?

    Not when you are killing them wholseale or bombing them on beaches and then lying about it.

    I say its child abuse!! Gotta love those pals!

    Damn those pals, wasting perfectly good children like that when the IDF could be using them for target practice.

  • Addamo

    And aren’t they just so peaceful!

    Speaking of peaceful, you don;t get more peaceful than using the World Cup distraction to cover up a few dozen murders.

    But Israel uses World Cup as cover for murder

  • captain

    LOL, now the world cup is part of the zionist conspiracy!

  • captain

    Adddumboid, its amazing how you defend the indefensible. Using children as part of kidnapping demands. No wonder pal society is completely deformed.

  • Addamo

    What are you doing Captain? Defending the shooting of children for no reason other than they are Palestinian, while somdeming the kidnapping fo children.

    Condeming Palestinain violence (taking place whiel Palestinians are being starved by teh Israelis) while excusing the killing by the IDF.

    You are really overdoing it with that meth.

  • captain

    Addumbo it is you who is overdoing it with "the meth". I think it is appalling that pal children are killed, but the responsibility has to lie with their government for allowing rockets to be fired from their territory on a continuous basis. The children were 450 yards from where the missiles were being fired.

    unlike pal tactics, children have never been a target. I deplore their deaths and consider the deaths a pal war crime.

  • Addamo

    I think it is appalling that pal children are killed

    So you are human. That's reassuring.

    but the responsibility has to lie with their government for allowing rockets to be fired from their territory on a continuous basis

    Partly true, but the Israeli's were killing Paelstinains children long before rockets were being fired at Israel. Yes Palestinains are responsilble, but they are also being starved out of existence by Israel and the US for daring to excercise the democratic rigth.

    The children were 450 yards from where the missiles were being fired.

    In this day and age or prescision guided weapons, 450 yards is a huge distance, which only proves that the deth of those children was either deliberate or a massive blunder, in which case, the IDF shoudl not be handling those weapons.

    The children were 450 yards from where the missiles were being fired.

    So the IDF and Israel are nevr to blame is that it? Quana was the fault f the Palestinians was it? The Suzanna Project was the fault fo the Egyptians was it?

  • boredinHk


    You've got the wrong conspiracy mate . Pauli has shown us all the way.

    "LOL, now the world cup is part of the zionist conspiracy! "

  • Comical_Ali

    its amazing to see what offends "they are censoring me, holier than thou" Antony. Sorry if I hurt your ego.

  • Comical_Ali

    But I'am however convinced that yesterday's soccer match was fixed by the zionists. Perhaps addammo could expand on that one and enligten us

  • Anon

    Again captain shows us all his stupid stupid logic that can only draw on bullshit he reads in the Daily Telegraph and watches on channel 9. Captian, you have NO intellectual or critical ability. You debate these issues the way the rest of the ill-informed public do. Please do yourself a favour and shut up.

  • Don Wigan

    "He said he was “like a terrorist”, not a terrorist."

    So what are you trying to say, Captain? That Perle accusing Hersch of behaving "like a terrorist" is somehow less dishonest than claiming he is a terrorist?

    On that score, how many terrorists (or 'like terrorists')have you heard of that expose crimes against humanity on their own side?

    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at your defending a toad like Perle when you prepared to claim Libby as a 'Great Patriot'.

  • viva peace


    Indeed, those wonderful Zionists don’t lower themselves to kidnapping do they?

    And you claim you are not antisemitic? You hide behind "Zionist" but you fail dismisally. Dude, repeat after me..I-S-R-A-E-L. It is a country that has existed since 1948. It has been a full member of the UN since 1949. It has a fully functioning defence force that operates under the ISRAEL flag. On the other hand there is no such thing as a palestinian state.

    So why can you never say "Israel?" I know. It is because you are only concerned about your hatred for JEWS; and the politically correct, but gutless, way of expressing this is bang on about "Zionism." Never mind that Zionism's mission was accomplished in 1948.

  • orang

    Hey didja see those Palestinians dug a tunnel across from Gaza to that military post and attacked the occupiers? WOW. killed a few and captured one.

    I wonder if MGM will make a movie about it along the lines of The Great Escape or something – what do you think?

  • Comical_Ali

    interestingly the military post and the soldiers stationed there were located outside Gaza. So what were the "occuppiers" occupying?

    And who was Israel occupying when thousands of Israelis were murdered in terrorist attacks inside & outside of Israel prior to 1967?

    Perhaps at your request MGM could also adapt into a musical the humerous song that you made earlier about your favourite topic – throwing Jews into the sea – without offending the overtly sensitive Ant (who didn't delete your post) & much to the laughter & applause of Squires et al

  • captain

    what a joke, what a laugh it must be for the 96% of pals who share orang's world view!

  • orang

    Oh come on , not very comical..murdered eh? Throwing Jews into the sea is the Zionist favourite topic actually. But you may be right , they could adapt the Musical to suit. "They joined the Navy to see the world and what did they see, they saw the Gaza strip. " – No, needs work. I think a musical is not the right genre. How about a modern day Paul Neuman for a more serious rendition of the travails of life under the oppression? What do you think?

  • Comical_Ali

    More like your idol's favourite topic:

    Arafat came to Wahid when Wahid was president of Indonesia and told him that the Palestinians could wait for 150 years and then “throw the Jews into the sea''. Wahid replied: “What sea?''

    All in all its nice to see that you have such a nice sense of humor about throwing Jews into the sea

  • boredinHk

    From the article -" Twenty years ago, I watched U.S. diplomats conspire with their diffident European counterparts to discourage President Ronald Reagan from a political, economic and moral assault on the Soviet Union aimed at, well, regime change. Well-meaning diplomats pleaded for flexibility at the negotiating table, hoping to steer U.S. policy back toward detente. But Reagan knew a slippery slope when he saw one. At the defining moments, he refused the advice of the State Department and intelligence community and earned his place in history" Ah ,that all important place in HISTORY.

    Strange to see it compared to the coldwar – also in this way -"The president knows that the Iranians are undermining us in Iraq. He knows that the mullahs are working to sink any prospect of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, backing Hamas and its goal of wiping Israel off the map. He knows that for years Iran has concealed and lied about its nuclear weapons program. He knows that Iran leads the world in support for terrorism. And he knows that freedom and liberty in Iran are brutally suppressed."

    Could be the Soviets all over again.

    Then we get the dissidents , the young people , think of the young people and throw in appeasing europeans and time has stood still.

  • Addamo


    Even by your standards, your last post sets a new bench mark for intellectual flatulence. Sticking like you do, so religiously to your Zionist filed manual to compose your answers is not doing you any favors. It certainly is not helping you stay on topic.

    "Dude, repeat after me..I-S-R-A-E-L. It is a country that has existed since 1948."

    Dude oh dude. Where or where have I EVER questioned Israel’s right to exist, or it’s legitimacy? This is not the first time you have made baseless accusations (the other being holocaust denial), but one again, I ma going to demand that you provide evidence of my making any statement to this effect – and no, your saying so does not constitute evidence.

    “It has a fully functioning defence force that operates under the ISRAEL flag. On the other hand there is no such thing as a palestinian state.”

    So what are you suggesting here Viva? That the Palestinians have no right to retaliate or defend themselves, much less fight for their survival? Do you propose that they submit to their new landlords and masters, just as the aborigines or American Indians did, and trust that the man who this week deemed a Palestinian life to be of less value than an Israeli life, will do what’s in their best interest?

    “So why can you never say “Israel?” I know. It is because you are only concerned about your hatred for JEWS;”

    You are so incredible transparent Viva – as ever, trying valiantly to shift this debate to more familiar territory (while hoping no one would notice), because you’re little pocket book tells you that this is the only way you can make a case.

    This is NOT about Jews, or even Israel. The Jews of the Diaspora overwhelmingly expressed disgust at the events in Gaza last week. Even inside Israel, there were demonstrations, including one attended by Olmert’s daughter, against the actions of the IDF. Not only that, but some IDF soldiers refused to return to active duty because of the event.

    You see Viva, Jews are not part of a collective. They are individuals much like anybody else, all capable of independent thought and moral decisions. That seems pretty obvious to me, but apparently not to some.

    “and the politically correct, but gutless, way of expressing this is bang on about “Zionism.””

    This is the piece de resistance of hypocrisy. You accuse me of being gutless when you have repeatedly been challenged to prove accusations you have labeled against me ie. Holocaust denial. I think I can speak for Edward and say that that $20,000 bounty still stands. Produce one statement of holocaust denial on this forum (by anyone) and the money is yours.

    And I’ll do you one better. Provide any statement from me questioning Israel’s legitimacy and/or right to exist and I’ll raise you another $10,000.

    I’ve put my money where my mouth is. Now let’s see who’s really gutless.

  • Addamo

    And who was Israel occupying when thousands of Israelis were murdered in terrorist attacks inside & outside of Israel prior to 1967?

    Ourtside and inside huh? Does outside not suggest outside Israeli borders? What were they doing there, surveying th eland for future settlements?

  • Addamo

    Hey Comical,

    Here's an interetsting piece.

    Israeli hawks call for troops to storm Gaza

    Nothgin to see here right? Just a case of one of the former Isrfaeli settlers forgotting his keys right?

  • Comical_Ali

    Ourtside and inside huh? Does outside not suggest outside Israeli borders? What were they doing there, surveying th eland for future settlements

    When said "outside" I was refering to Israeli/Jewish civilians who were killed abroad (e.g europe) by arab terrorists. Oh thats right, in their quest for world domination, Israelis & jews murdered in other countries were just settlers who were surveying the land for future settlements (see the protocols).

    As for the Gaza incident – the IDF needs to go in and flatten the entire area. What happened was a clear cassius belli and it started as soon as Israel left Gaza – when the Qassams started raining down on Israeli towns for some odd reason. Odd because we keep hearing that as soon as the Israelis retreat, the terror would stop. Oh thats right, Jews have no right to defend themselves.

  • orang

    Omigod, there's that "cassius belli" schtick (cassius??? et tu Brute?)

    Let's go and do whatever the fuck we want, then call it a fancy name, voila, its legal!
    Want to invade Egypt? No problem, we got a name for it.-It's "leagal".