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  • captain

    But you have sold so many book!!!!! Bwahaha bwaha haaaaa

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    Well – you must have one, or why would you be here vociferously protesting its contents? Or do you take the Danby approach to intellectual rigour?

  • smiths

    i can only offer moral and contributory support,
    keep up the good work

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    A cheque's in the mail.

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    Approximately how much does a first time author get per copy sold?

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    Thinking of writing one?- A geopolitical tome perhaps?

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    Yess doll. Do you want to launch it for me? 😉

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    I, er gave at the office. Catch ya next time.

  • Suze

    If you call me a doll again Viva I will be forced to conclude that you are in fact 12 years old, and that your political opinions come to you via your big sister who is one of those naughty young liberals caught on film recently making racist remarks to an aboriginal activist. Now, if you please.. just cut it out.

  • Suze

    Before your time I think

  • Bedhouin

    Go ahead and contribute 'if' you can. It's a quick and painless Paypal transaction. We need more voices of dissent in our society not less.

    Right wing lunatics have their multi-million dollar privately funded think-thanks and we have independents like Antony slugging it out.

  • captain

    Ant, I think you should press smiths for the cash rather than the moral support. We all know about his morals: go Hezbollah!!!

  • captain

    And by the way, where has London based commenter Adam gone? I am curious as to his views on the activity of his mates over there.

  • Adam


    There are many ways in which you can generate some good donations for your work and maybe get your work sponsored. Email me and I can give you few contacts (in Law firms) and provide you with some useful info which may help.

  • Adam

    Captain scalawag speak to me.

    I do have a few comments to make about yesterday events (although it’s not the right place and please accept my apology). A smoke screen to divert attention from the real issue in the Middle East. The British Government has come under immense scrutiny and pressure from the nation in its role in the Middle East, and a smoke screen had to be planned to insight the good old fear into the nation, keeping their mouths and minds shut or occupied elsewhere away from Middle East events. Arresting 21 people does not prove that these people were going to do it as British believe (or at least did believe) in innocent until proven guilty.

    After all in the UK we are dealing with intelligence services which indicated WMD in Iraq and could be launched in 45mins, the same intelligence service which shot a Brazilian man 7 to 8 times then lied about his actions trying to link him with terrorists, the same intelligence service which refuses the permission for a independent public enquiry into 7/7 attacks which has more questions and suspicions than answers, we talking about the same intelligence services who raid into houses owned by Muslims and shooting them then later change the story of a dirty bomb to child pornography and while they are at it shoot one person by mistake (oopps, a mistake at that level).

    Killing any innocent civilian is an act of evil and no way can one justify it no matter which religion or belief he comes from. But something had to be done to divert the attention of the west away from Middle East events.

  • Adam

    Sorry for copy'n'paste this article but it seems Israel is having a bad day, I wonder why?

    sraeli war doubts grow
    Israel's government is losing domestic support for its conduct of the conflict against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, and doubt is growing among Israelis that they are winning the war, according to polls published Friday.

    A poll in the Yediot Aharonot newspaper showed 37 percent of the 500 people questioned believed Israel would cripple Hezbollah, compared with 40 percent in a previous survey. Seventeen percent thought Israel would lose the war and Hezbollah would return to south Lebanon, up from 13 percent previously, said the poll conducted by the Dahaf organization. It had a margin of error of 4.5 percent.

    The percentage of people supporting a broad ground operation to push Hezbollah guerrillas beyond the range of short-range rockets fell to 64 percent from 73 percent, the poll said, indicating a growing public desire for diplomatic initiatives.

    The Dahaf survey showed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's personal approval rating fell to 66 percent from 73 percent.

    Another poll of 570 Israelis, conducted by Dialogue for the Haaretz daily, said just one Israeli in five believes that if the war ended now, it could be considered a victory, while 30 percent said Israel is losing the war and 44 percent said neither side would emerge a winner. The poll's margin of error was 4.8 percent.

    On Thursday, three of Israel's most successful authors and intellectuals – Amos Oz, David Grossman and A.B. Yehoshua – joined together to urge Olmert to respond positively to an initiative by Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora offering to deploy the Lebanese army to southern Lebanon, aided by an international force, and an exchange of prisoners.

    "Israel was right when it chose to respond with force to Hezbollah's violent provocation," said Oz. But the Lebanese plan "was not only a turning point, it was a victory for Israel's basic demand," Oz said.

    This article is found here
    For more Israel bad day news from around the world click here

  • Addamo_01


    You are right of course. The timing of this side show is all too obvious. Isn't it amazing how short the attentino span of the public is?

    List all the bogus terror claims. The Canary Warf fiaso, the Toronto keystone cops which were apprently linked to the non-plotters in London, the not so magnificent Miami 7, as well as those that you listed. All of these have amounted to nothing.

    You'd think that Bush and the Blair gangs wodl actually try a new tect.

    As for the 19 arrested (there's that number 19 again), reports differ as to when the supposed plot was discovered. The BBC says Bush spoke to Blair about it some days ago – other reports say its been known for weeks.

    Hear that? Known for weeks, and yet BAM, all the ridiculous measures about hair gel, baby milk and water bottles are implemented on a whim. A decision had been made to introduce this latest fraud exactly yesterday. If it was such a deadly imminent plot, why did they wait to put these measures in AFTER the arrests has already taken place?

    BBC: "Security chiefs said the group believed to be planning the attack had been under surveillance for some time."

    The terrorists were caught engaging in a dry run before the attack. This translates as 'the patsies were making sure they got noticed'.

    Of course, even the MSM is onto the fact that Bush and Blair wil aim to get some political mlieage out fo this.

  • Ed Squire

    viva peace Aug 11th, 2006 at 5:07 pm


    Yess doll. Do you want to launch it for me?

    Into outer-space? I'm in.

  • M.Mayes

    Well it could swing either way with the timing, on one hand brit intel could have created the storm for political support, on the other, britain and the US's actions in the ME could have spurred a terror attack.

    I'm more inclined to believe it to be a sham given that they are pakistani but all will be revealed when they get pushed through the court process, hopefully.

  • Addamo

    An interesting articld written about the suspuciousness of this event.

    Toying With Terror Alerts?
    In the Bush era, the timing and quality of "arrests" and "warnings" have a suspicious ring,8599,12

  • Addamo

    the other thing that makesthis smack of a sham is that the names of those arrested have been released before any trial has even taken place.

    There is going to be a lot of cynicism in Lodon after all the blunders we have seen. Forrest Gate, when 200 police stormed someone's apartment and shot a guy, teh Rivin plot which was BS, the plot to bomb Manchester United soccer stadium whcih was BS, teh Brazilian guy who was shot mistakenly, and the Canary Warf plot.

    Blair must thank his lucky stars. He had 100,000 peopel demonstrating against him last weekend and now, he can march out and perform another one of hie pre-prepard and overly rehearsed speeches.

  • Adam

    Good link to the article Addamo,

    But most people wont be able to swallow this information since its too high level to understand from their minds which responds to calls of JUMP by saying HOW HIGH. If you rewind back to Hitler’s era, he did the same with his own nations against the Jews. He knew that without creating fear and hatred in the hearts and minds of the German nation he would not be able to expel all Jew’s or do what he wanted to, so he embarked on a policy (much like what we have seen in US and UK) to commit terrorist activities against his own people and blame the Jew’s. This would ultimately give him the green light from his nation to do what he wants to the Jew’s.

    No surprise we see the same happening with UK and US. The US and UK got the green light to attack Afghanistan and take over the natural resources Afghanistan has, then they did the same on Iraq and now in Lebanon to get at Iran and Syria. We all know that great civilization have met their fate when they arrogance takes over all aspects of their lives and to me this new conflict in Lebanon is an indicator that the west might have bitten more than they could ever cue.

  • Nell Fenwick

    Adam, which terrorist activities did Hitler claim were perpetrated by Jews?

    Which Afghan resources did the US want to steal?

  • Addamo

    Which Afghan resources did the US want to steal?

    Strategic location is what it was after. Specifically, to host a pipeline route from the Caspian Sea and military bases.

  • captain

    Hmmm so the UK government co-opted 20 Muslim British nationals, taught them how to make bombs and made matyrdom videos to manipulate the public. Just like GWB orchestrated 9/11, Blair 7/7 and of course Israel created Hamas and Hezbollah. Oh and Saddam. Funny, if you are a Muslim terrorist life mean never having to say you're sorry. Where can i watch the same movie that you are? Do you have any drugs left over?

    Oh and Ant, you gonna take that attractive sponsorship offer?

  • Addamo

    Hey Captain,

    You still wiping the egg off your face from rush to judgement on the teenagers in Toronto fiasco, or the Miami not so magnificent 7, or the non-Holland Tunnel plot that was announced a month after the apparent sting to coincide with 7/7 this year?

    Aren't you tired of being played like a puppet?

    As always, this was another case of an insider/informer being involved, just like what we saw ith the Miami 7, where the only Al Qaeda connection was the FBI informant who got a couple of penniless no hopers to agree to swaer loyalty to Al Qaeda in return for US$50,000?

    This might turn out to be the real thing, but maybe you might try and apply the same cynicism you automatically apply whenever you hear news from an Arab source.

    As is often the case with phoney stings, the names are released immediately to the public, even before any court hearing. Teh UK government will pass some further emergency measures and tighten freedoms further in the UK and even if it turns out that this was all a hoax, the curbs on freedom will remain in place and the additional funding that wil no doubt be demanded, wil have already been spent.

  • Adam


    You forget to remember that these people are called suspects, just for you reference here are some New’s articles and their headings:

    <a href="
    ">19 Suspects Are Identified in Britain
    Britain Names 19 Suspects in Terror Plot
    Martyrdom video found at residence of one of the suspects
    UK Identifies Suspects in Terror Plot
    Britain names 19 suspects
    Britain names suspects in bomb plot
    Britain names suspects in airline bomb plot
    Britain names suspects in airline bomb plot
    Suspects tracked for 12 months
    And I could carry on and on.

    Can you see suspect in all headings?

    Scallywag, when did you come back from invading Lebanon into Israel. What the situation like inside South Lebanon. The reports are suggesting Israel are loosing the war but not only that the support from inside the illegal state of Israel and around the world is decreasing for Israel. It looks like the sophisticated military sponsored by US and its allies is not doing the job against some small militia group who are only less than 10,000 and hardly got any weapons apart from fireworks. Captain its looking grip for you and your Israeli terrorist companions.

    Can’t your brain Captain operate without any drugs, the only drugs available from UK are anti-Israelicetamols.

    Get that ANTI-ISRAELICETAMOL….bbuuwwaaaah hhhaaawwwaaahhh

  • Adam

    Can’t your brain Captain operate without any drugs, the only drugs available from UK are anti-Israelicetamols.

    Get that ANTI-ISRAELICETAMOL….bbuuwwaaaah hhhaaawwwaaahhh

  • Addamo_01

    Not going well for Israel is it Adam?

    In spite of all the tough talk about pushing to the Litani River, the Israeli's can't seem to get further than 2 miles across the border.

    They just lost a gun boat thanks to Hezbollah.

    Olmert's achived something which is almost impossible for a wartime leader – his popularity is plunging in Israel.

    Even Israel's neocon hawks in the US are pissed off at Israel for not having gotten anywhere.

    Accorgin to Insight:

    Sources said Mr. Bush has been dismayed by the Israeli failure to defeat Hezbollah. They said several high-ranking Republicans have expressed amazement at the plodding Israeli advance into Lebanon.

    "One Jewish friend of Bush actually called up a senior Israeli official and began yelling, 'What the hell's going on here,' a source said. 'Are you going to fight or what?'

    The neocons are more pro-Israel than the Israelis – and they are willing to fight to the last Israeli soldier to prove it, but Olmert cannot afford to lose Israeli lives or his career is toast.

    As they say, you reap what you sew.

  • Captain

    Oh no, I like being played like a puppet by your dead leader OBL who, of course, was created by America, just like every other terrorist. Because like disabled children, Muslim terrorists are never responsible for themselves.

    Oh and Adam, all of those suspects in 9/11 and 7/7, you know, the ones you admire so much. Pity they were incinerated before they could be prosecuted.

    And can someone please explain to the Sudanese Islamists how they can implicated Israel. There has to be a Jewish plot there somewhere. Oh, and the Philippines and Thailand. Oh, and Malaysia and Indonesia. Oh, and Africa and China.

    Its amazing how prolific these 'neo cons' ie Jews are!!

    And Nasrallah's popularity? its dying off. Ooops, you really don't know what it is because I forgot, Hezbollah have your passport just in case you say the wrong thing!!! But freedom of press has never been important to Ant, oh, unless he is being suppressed.

  • Suze

    Because like disabled children, Muslim terrorists are never responsible for themselves.

    What the hell does this mean, Captain? The disabled? What foul prejudice are you revealing now?

  • Addamo_01

    There has to be a Jewish plot there somewhere.

    There's plenty of those. Here are just a handful. And let's be reminded of th eKing David bombing "celebrations" Israel had recently.

    Very prolific indeed!!

    And Nasrallah’s popularity? its dying off.

    Ummm wrong. Hasrallah is he most popular figure in teh Middle East.

    But freedom of press has never been important to Ant, oh, unless he is being suppressed.

    Says the moron who considers freedom of speech the right to suppress other's freedom of speech.

  • Suze

    I don't know if I can link to a the full text of Fisk's latest so here's a portion:

    And I'm sure it's quite by chance that the lads in blue chose yesterday – with anger at Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara's shameful failure over Lebanon at its peak – to save the world. After all, it's scarcely three years since the other great Terror Plot had British armoured vehicles surrounding Heathrow on the very day – again quite by chance, of course – that hundreds of thousands of Britons were demonstrating against Lord Blair's intended invasion of Iraq.

    So I sat on the carpet in my living room and watched all these heavily armed chaps at Heathrow protecting the British people from annihilation and then on came President George Bush to tell us that we were all fighting "Islamic fascism". There were more thumps in the darkness across Beirut where an awful lot of people are suffering from terror – although I can assure George W that while the pilots of the aircraft dropping bombs across the city in which I have lived for 30 years may or may not be fascists, they are definitely not Islamic.

    And there, of course, was the same old problem. To protect the British people – and the American people – from "Islamic terror", we must have lots and lots of heavily armed policemen and soldiers and plainclothes police and endless departments of anti-terrorism, homeland security and other more sordid folk like the American torturers – some of them sadistic women – at Abu Ghraib and Baghram and Guantanamo. Yet the only way to protect ourselves from the real violence which may – and probably will – be visited upon us, is to deal, morally, with courage and with justice, with the tragedy of Lebanon and "Palestine" and Iraq and Afghanistan. And this we will not do.

  • Addamo_01


    Sounds like a scene from V for Vendetta doesn't it? No wonder the right wingers hated that movie so much.

    It was laughable to hear Bush say that the fascists are atatcking those who love freedom, while those who so love freedom are giving it up.

    Who was it that said those who give up their liberty for secruity deserve neither?

  • Ian

    What I find interesting is that before the arrests in Pakistan supposedly bought the 'planned' attacks forward the planes were apparently going to be blown up on August 22nd.

    The 'Rapture' loonies have been predicting the end of the world on that day for a while. Many are even giving away their possessions in anticipation. Presumably the head Rapture loonie, Mad King George I of America, Emperor of the Green Zone and Kabul, also believes this, so why bother preventing a few thousand deaths when 6 point something billion,/b> are due for the chop one way or another on that day?

    For Tony's, and possibly Musharraf's, sake I hope the Rapture isn't postponed because the trigger has been disabled? The chief fruitcake is really going to be p*ssed if he doesn't get to waft Heavenwards on schedule!!

  • M.Mayes

    that was a nice bleat captain. you are the unfortunate child (and I emphasise the word CHILD) of the reaction between terror (9/11) and facisms response. I believe 9/11 happened and nothing better could have happened to GWB's presidency.

    Your views are those of a misguided 15 year old who desperately wants to fit in at school so you jump on the nearest bandwagon, in your case you were no doubt seduced by some right wing nutjob (or maybe just instilled with irrational fear from the media).

    Its nice on the odd occasion where you actually bother to quote things and back up your posts with facts. Is this bleating and insisting on idiotic statements such as "But freedom of press has never been important to Ant" when they are simply baseless noise.

    In this example might I point out that despite your virtues on freedom (I agree freedom and democracy are wonderful, when they act like freedom and democracy), this stuff with Israel has nothing to do with freedom of press, so the Palestinians might not have freedom of press (i wouldnt have a clue if they do or dont), does this mean they should therefore be bombed out of existance?

    Could you justify an attack on a village of people because the side who did the attack had freedom of press?

    Hell then whats to deal with Lebanon, they're a democracy already.

    whats your point?

  • Adam


    CAPTAIN and VIVA (and all alike)

    What are you comments about this

    you're in BIG TROUBLE

  • Comical_Ali

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    Thanks for your support.

    dumb fuck

  • Addamo_01


    So verbose. You trying to prove to us that while you've been away, you may have learned somethign of the world beyond the mud on your boots, the booger in your finger nail and the dropping stains on the back of your pants?

  • Addamo_01

    Captian, Comical and company have often asked for an example of University academics ebign censored with regards to Israel. Well, here is an extreme an example as you are ever liekly to come across:

    Douglas Giles is a recent casualty. He used to teach a class on world religions at Roosevelt University, Chicago, founded in memory of FDR and his liberal-inclined wife, Eleanor. Last year, Giles was ordered by his head of department, art historian Susan Weininger, not to allow students to ask questions about Palestine and Israel; in fact, nothing was to be mentioned in class, textbooks and examinations that could possibly open Judaism to criticism

    Leaving aside his boss’s doubtful qualifications to set limits on a class of comparative religion – her speciality is early 20th-century Midwestern artists such as Tunis Ponsen (nor have I) – the point to grasp is that Professor Giles did not make inflammatory statements himself: he merely refused to limit debate among the young minds in front of him.,,1…