A search engine with a mind on settlements

Google fans, hold your applause, as it looks like one of its founders backs the colonial project in Palestine:

Jewish Billionaire, Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, donated $1 million to the so-called Hebrew national Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) which heavily encourages Jews around the world to immigrate to Israel and the United States.

The organization is one of the biggest supporters of illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

In 1979, Brin, at age 6, emigrated with his family from the former Soviet Union to the United States.

He said that HIAS helped his family leave the Soviet Union, and that his donation comes on the thirtieth anniversary of leaving Russia.

His current wealth is estimated by $16 billion.

  • http://www.socialmusing.com Raffe

    Brin is donating to an organisation that saved his, and his families, lives. It removes people from oppressive regimes and brings them to democratic countries where they actually have a voice.

  • http://alethonews.blogspot.com Atheo

    A state which is not a state of its citizens simply cannot be referred to as a democracy. A better description of what Brin is doing would be promotion of racist supremacism. If a white Christian American were to "invest" in the promotion of a white separatist enclave in North America that would be a comparable use of funds.

  • Adam

    <<saved,  families,  lives. oppressive voice>>    TERMS he can identify with.     it is extraordinary he is doing that thing, he does not  mention THEM you know who! one cannot mention there names, for they do not exist. they are suspended in time and space you'll find them in that black hole called refugee camps they are families they are oppressed suppressed & repressed  a state of transition, they do not have a land or  a voice that's why they throw stones, they do not even have water to drink while the coloniser is  probably digging to build a swimming pool, meanwhile the family that goggle was blind to see somehow  faded away throw vetoes, cluster and phosphorus bombs. I suggest that goggle donate massively to some human right organisations, the UN, UNESCO & other entities in russia and around the world and if goggles compassion is as great as it's capital & resources than a more human a just gesture is de rigeur unless it's a case of right or wrong Iam with my c o u n r t y.  Well we may not have the money that google has we can still be their voices, can't WE.