Does the Zionist lobby have blood on its hands in Australia?

The Australian blog Middle East Reality Check – previous coverage heredissects yesterday’s column by the Australian’s Greg Sheridan on Israel and the fall of Kevin Rudd. Over to you:

The foreign editor of The Australian, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, seems to be suggesting that Australia’s Israel lobby, referred to euphemistically as “some friends of Israel,” was at least a factor in, if not a party to, the decision to oust Prime Minister Kevin Rudd:

In some ways [Gillard] has been even more courageous than Rudd in staring down the Left of her party on foreign policy. There was a vociferous campaign from the Left to stop her from attending the Australia Israel Leadership Forum in Jerusalem in 2008 [sic: 2009]. But she defied it and gave a fine address at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel celebrating not only Australia and Israel’s friendship, but also the common values of the two nations. Similarly, during Operation Cast Lead, when Israel attacked the Hamas rockets [!!!???] launched from the Gaza Strip, Gillard was acting prime minister and steadfastly, day by day, defended Israel’s right to self-defence against overwhelming commentariat hostility. When some friends of Israel raised this with Rudd, in contrast to what they thought was his cheap resort to anti-Israel actions and rhetoric in expelling an Israeli diplomat recently, Rudd was furious. He was the one on the phone to Gillard all the time during this period, he told them. Oddly, the expulsion of the Israeli diplomat may be the single foreign policy issue that did Rudd the most harm in domestic political terms. It had 3 deleterious political results for Rudd. It was seen by Labor professionals as likely to help open the pockets of the friends of Israel for Tony Abbott’s Liberals. It was also seen as a sign of Rudd not sticking with a friend under pressure. And, perhaps most significantly, many within Labor’s Right saw it as another episode in which Rudd refused to solicit, or listen to, their advice, making a unilateral and ill-considered decision.” (Continuity in foreign affairs but questions remain, 1/7/10)

Let’s tease this out:

Sheridan claims that Rudd’s decision to expel an Israeli diplomat/Mossad agent as a sign of his anger over Israel’s use of Australian passports in its assassination of Hamas member Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January has in some way harmed him domestically. How so? Sheridan can hardly be referring to a public backlash – there was none that we know of. The only possible construction here is that Rudd’s standing with the lobby was damaged. So how could it be said to have harmed him? Surely only by being involved at some level in last week’s coup against him?

According to Sheridan, the plotters of the Labor Right in federal parliament, Mark Arbib, Bill Shorten, Joe Ludwig and David Feeney, all known supporters of Israel, were motivated, at least in part, by a concern that the lobby was sufficiently angry with Rudd to consider redirecting its money to the Liberals in the lead-up to the coming federal election. The importance of lobby donations and fund-raising to Labor’s re-election prospects had been underlined by Herald journalist Peter Hartcher in his June 22 report on Rudd’s bid to appease lobby leaders over dinner at The Lodge on June 3 : “When Labor approached key groups to hold fund-raising events for the coming election, they feigned busyness, but it was a deliberate and unmistakeable retaliation.” (See my 22/6/10 post The Best Israel Policy Money Can Buy)

In addition, when Sheridan asserts that the Labor Right saw the expulsion as yet another episode in which Rudd refused to solicit, or listen to, their advice, the implication appears to be that Arbib, Shorten, Ludwig, Feeney and Co had actually voiced the lobby’s concerns on the matter to Rudd but had been rebuffed. That this was an issue for the lobby leaders invited to The Lodge to dine with the prime minister also emerged in Hartcher’s report: “On the passports affair Rudd stood his ground. He said he was personally hurt by Israel’s use of Australian passports [and] had a duty to passport holders…”

It is reasonable then to assume from what Sheridan has written that, to one degree or another, Australia’s Israel lobby was a factor in, or even perhaps a player in, Rudd’s removal from the prime ministership. If so, this is a truly extraordinary and deeply disturbing development in Australia’s political history and merits the closest possible examination. To quote the anonymous “Australian official” in an earlier Hartcher piece: “It wouldn’t matter whether it was John Howard or Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott in the prime minister’s chair… [the Israelis] know they’ve got us by the balls… partly because of the strength of the Israel lobby…” (Betrayed PM should not be taken for granted, SMH, 26/2/10)

Maybe now, in La Guillotine, the lobby has finally found the Australian prime minister of their dreams. After all, they’ve had their eye on her for some time now: “As one Jewish leader put it, ‘She wants to be Australia’s first female prime minister and she knows that means currying favour with the Jews‘.” (Australia renews its love affair with Israel, Dan Goldberg,, 10/12/09)

  • Marilyn

    I told Sandra Kanck that night that I believed the jewish lobby had a nasty hand in this assassination and then came the story of Tim who? working for the horrid Albert Dadon.

    I rested my case.

  • Zac

    Last month when there was news on this I said to myself that's not going to be good for Rudd at all, he's not going to all, and sure enough, just as the sun rises in the morning, Rudd is gone. I have no doubt that the Israel lobby had a significant hand in this, but there was also other hands in there as well.

  • mick

    WTF How do 7.5 million people on the other side of the world have so much fricking power to manipulate free governments ?

    America is Israels "bitch" and even allows "duel passport" holders to be in Government but ONLY if they are Israeli. And ALL lobbyist for foreign countries have to register as "Foreign Agents" except Israeli's WTF .

  • Dr Gideon Polya

    The Gillard Coup against Rudd was clearly driven by the Mining Lobby and was a brutal example of the power of Big Business in Murdochracy and Lobbyocracy Australia. However analysis of the Left-Right Gillard Coup Plotters reveals a commonality of pro-Zionism (as assessed by trips to Israel, and public utterances, including  speeches to Zionist gatherings).

    JFK and RFK both wanted registration of Zionists as agents of a foreign country – and for all we know, possibly to their cost. An unrestrained  Zionist Lobby now has immense power in Washington. Obama appointed the pro-Zionist son of an Irgun terrorist as his chief of staff and sent a leading Zionist to Australia as the latest US ambassador. Australia's first woman PM Julia Gillard (aka Julia Caesar) is pro-war, pro-coal and pro-Zionist – one hopes that decent, anti-war, pro-environment, anti-racism Labor voters will vote 1 Green and put Labor last.

  • Mulga Mumblebrain

    I'm sure Sheridan will be admonished for his crowing over Rudd's execution.After all theZionist Lobby prefers to control Western politics from behind the scenes,and whenever anyone points out the obvious facts of their machinations, a little spittle-flecked expectoration of the ritual vilification 'anti-semite' usually suffices to shut people up. However,in reality,we now know that the Zionists have their first scalp in removing an Australia PM for less that complete loyalty,not to this country and its interests (such as passport integrity) but to a wretched fascist (and growing more viciously repressive and aggressive by the day)and racist terror state on the other side of the world. And this situation has grown almost entirely due to the power of money in our corrupt and sordid polity.

  • Tim Anderson

    Great work Anthony, I checked the Registrar of political lobby groups and no Israel Lobby groups were listed there. Neither were the Christian lobby groups, but they don't offer free trips to the Vatican as Israel Lobby groups offer free trips to Israel. Ex Labor party member Julia Irwin stated in parliament that the Jewish lobby is "the most implacable, arrogant, cruel and powerful lobby in the country. It would not surprise me what they would do to manipulate Australian politicians, who should not be taking free gifts from unregistered lobby groups.



  • Brian

    Nothing like a good Zionist conspiracy. Forget's Rudd unilateral approach, poor showing in the polls, the mining tax, the carbon backflip. Nope it was the invisible Zionist lobby just like Sep 11, WWII and when I stubbed my toe in the shower last Friday.

    • patriot no Wars!

      Brian is another disinfo agent he also knows all about the false flag scenario's they commonly use.

      Just ignore him they use/brainwash people like him all the time!

  • Dr Gideon Polya

    Below is part of a relevant letter sent in March 2012 to Australian media and MPs re the pro-Zionist Australian Labor Government and how it threatens decent, anti-racist Jews (Google "Letter to Australian MPs & Media re racist Zionist threat to anti-racist Jews" ).

    "Labor’s new anti-Jewish anti-Semitism involves (1) sidelining anti-racist Jews opposed to racist Zionism; (2) grossly defaming decent, ant-racist Jews by conflating the racist, war criminal and genocidal policies of racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel with all Jews; (3) supporting racist Zionists who routinely, grossly and falsely defame anti-racist Jews as “anti-Semites” and “self-hating Jews”; (4) trampling upon the core, immutable, Holocaust-derived resolutions of anti-racist Jews, specifically “zero tolerance for racism” and “never again to anyone”; and (5) threatening anti-racist Jews with a growing backlash from racist Zionist subversion and perversion of Australia and the West.

    Labor’s new anti-Jewish anti-Semitism and resolute, racist pro-Zionism threaten core Labor values of democracy, anti-racism, equity and Australian sovereignty that are supported by anti-racist Jewish Australians but not by traitorous racist Zionists with a prime allegiance to a race-based, genocidal, nuclear terrorist Apartheid Israel. Thus (1) former PM Kevin Rudd raised the ire of the Zionist Lobby by diplomatically objecting to the large-scale and long-term Israeli forging of Australian passports for terrorist purposes and the (continuing) violent kidnapping of Australians in International waters by Israeli terrorists (PM Rudd was subsequently removed by a $22 million propaganda investment by largely foreign-owned Mining Corporations but the actual 2010 Coup plotters were overwhelmingly pro-Zionist extremists variously linked to Apartheid Israel and pro-Zionist America); (2) Labor spent $349 million to put Apartheid Israel at the heart of Australian defence command and control; (3) Labor has allowed 2,500 Marines from the endlessly warmongering, Zionist-beholden US to be stationed in Australia; (4) Labor now offers citizenship to Australian Defence Force (ADF) recruits from US Alliance veterans (including Israelis?) of the Zionist-backed, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, genocidal, post-1990 US War on Muslims (12 million violent deaths or avoidable deaths from war-imposed deprivation); (5) Labor has ignored detailed representations made to MPs and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) about 50 ways in which racist Zionists threaten Australia; and (6) the Australian Labor Government support for genocidal racist Zionism has trashed Australia’s international reputation. "

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