Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies such as G4S, Serco, and Halliburton cash in on or­ganized misery in a hidden world of privatized detention centers, militarized private security, aid profiteering, and destructive mining.

Disaster has become big business. Talking to immigrants stuck in limbo in Britain or visiting immigration centers in America, Loewenstein maps the secret networks formed to help cor­porations bleed what profits they can from economic crisis. He debates with Western contractors in Afghanistan, meets the locals in post-earthquake Haiti, and in Greece finds a country at the mercy of vulture profiteers. In Papua New Guinea, he sees a local commu­nity forced to rebel against predatory resource companies and NGOs.

What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. Disaster Capitalism is published by Verso in 2015 and in paperback in January 2017.

Profits_of_doom_cover_350Vulture capitalism has seen the corporation become more powerful than the state, and yet its work is often done by stealth, supported by political and media elites. The result is privatised wars and outsourced detention centres, mining companies pillaging precious land in developing countries and struggling nations invaded by NGOs and the corporate dollar. Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein travels to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and across Australia to witness the reality of this largely hidden world of privatised detention centres, outsourced aid, destructive resource wars and militarized private security. Who is involved and why? Can it be stopped? What are the alternatives in a globalised world? Profits of Doom, published in 2013 and released in an updated edition in 2014, challenges the fundamentals of our unsustainable way of life and the money-making imperatives driving it. It is released in an updated edition in 2014.
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After Zionism, published in 2012 and 2013 with co-editor Ahmed Moor, brings together some of the world s leading thinkers on the Middle East question to dissect the century-long conflict between Zionism and the Palestinians, and to explore possible forms of a one-state solution. Time has run out for the two-state solution because of the unending and permanent Jewish colonization of Palestinian land. Although deep mistrust exists on both sides of the conflict, growing numbers of Palestinians and Israelis, Jews and Arabs are working together to forge a different, unified future. Progressive and realist ideas are at last gaining a foothold in the discourse, while those influenced by the colonial era have been discredited or abandoned. Whatever the political solution may be, Palestinian and Israeli lives are intertwined, enmeshed, irrevocably. This daring and timely collection includes essays by Omar Barghouti, Jonathan Cook, Joseph Dana, Jeremiah Haber, Jeff Halper, Ghada Karmi, Antony Loewenstein, Saree Makdisi, John Mearsheimer, Ahmed Moor, Ilan Pappe, Sara Roy and Phil Weiss.
The 2008 financial crisis opened the door for a bold, progressive social movement. But despite widespread revulsion at economic inequity and political opportunism, after the crash very little has changed. Has the Left failed? What agenda should progressives pursue? And what alternatives do they dare to imagine? Left Turn, published by Melbourne University Press in 2012 and co-edited with Jeff Sparrow, is aimed at the many Australians disillusioned with the political process. It includes passionate and challenging contributions by a diverse range of writers, thinkers and politicians, from Larissa Berendht and Christos Tsiolkas to Guy Rundle and Lee Rhiannon. These essays offer perspectives largely excluded from the mainstream. They offer possibilities for resistance and for a renewed struggle for change.
The Blogging Revolution, released by Melbourne University Press in 2008, is a colourful and revelatory account of bloggers around the globe why live and write under repressive regimes - many of them risking their lives in doing so. Antony Loewenstein's travels take him to private parties in Iran and Egypt, internet cafes in Saudi Arabia and Damascus, to the homes of Cuban dissidents and into newspaper offices in Beijing, where he discovers the ways in which the internet is threatening the ruld of governments. Through first-hand investigations, he reveals the complicity of Western multinationals in assisting the restriction of information in these countries and how bloggers are leading the charge for change. The blogging revolution is a superb examination about the nature of repression in the twenty-first century and the power of brave individuals to overcome it. It was released in an updated edition in 2011, post the Arab revolutions, and an updated Indian print version in 2011.
The best-selling book on the Israel/Palestine conflict, My Israel Question - on Jewish identity, the Zionist lobby, reporting from Palestine and future Middle East directions - was released by Melbourne University Press in 2006. A new, updated edition was released in 2007 (and reprinted again in 2008). The book was short-listed for the 2007 NSW Premier's Literary Award. Another fully updated, third edition was published in 2009. It was released in all e-book formats in 2011. An updated and translated edition was published in Arabic in 2012.

Does God support the Libyan rebels?

As an opponent of the NATO-led mission in Libya, I haven’t really considered the role of God. My bad. I’ve just received the following comment on this very subject. What more needs to be said?

Hmm… thats either JEWISH of German, correct? If its JEWISH then perhaps you’ll recall that at one time your RELATIVES faced extinction & annihalation by a viciously cruel dictator. If its GERMAN then it was your relatives whom wanted that Group of persons to be annihalted and you have the same genes as them and same kind of heart.
Ive been noticing an obvious pattern with Russian, German, Eastern European & Chinese “media” ( which by the way is just as “edited and censored and “BIASED” as Ghdafi Tv) and you all have Conspiracy Theories which are stemmed from Fear & Paranoia & a smug pride as though you are determined to find some “smoking gun”so you all can say AHA See , told ya and then pat yourselves on the back .
THAT is NOT God. Its not how He works . Its not how He THINKS and none of you are led by God or even hear Him.
Your HEARTS are black and cold and your motives are not hid from Him.
The Lord KNOWS the motives of those countries whom allied together to come to the aid of a very OPPRESSED nation ( like the Jews were oppressed) to SAVE them from certain annihalation from a cruel DICTATOR .
None of you have an open heart or mind to even GRASP that GOD may be stirring the people in LIBYA to RISE UP against FEAR and Terror that has held them HOSTAGE for 42 years, and demand FREEDOM., just like WE in the WEST have been given the BLESSING to have , no …you have to delude yourself, convince yourself, that there has to be something dark or sinister at work, because NONE of you wants to believe what GOD can do .
You wont even LOOK towards the Lord to SEEK Him , concerning Libya -you’ve already determined you already know and you have put more onus on a bunch of “experts” and “analysts” opinions ,and “YouTube Videos “ to try and prove your point , then you do on Gods Word .
Im not going to listen to any of that CRAP. I couldnt care less what “experts” or analysts” are saying what, nor what “Videos” you try and convince me with
. I care about what GOD says and I’ll tell you what God says cause NONE of you “Conspiracy Experts “ even KNOW any of this: (but of course I guarantee that any of you Russian, German, Eastern Block or Chinese will NEVER let this be printed or seen by anyone -just to prove my point. You have no problem spending your days poring over every newsarticle or “supposed smoking gun Video that you can find to make sure the whole world knows about it, but …….when it comes to what I have to share ,that is about GOD and LIBYA , you will keep it hidden -guarantee it, cause thats just the darkness of your heart.) so I’ll tell you anyways and you and your “followers” will not like this :

Feb.21st , since the 17th of Feb, the Lord had really put Libya on my heart and I was in great pain over what those poor souls were experiencing under the cruelty of this evil dictator.
It was through my education about Libya , did I begin to see ,our ( meaning the WEST) shame , because for years , we in our ignorance , and because of our leaders, had been led to believe the Peace and Stability in the Middle East and Africa , was because …the way people lived and functioned ,was the way they WANTED to live , but we had no idea about the cruel dissension of the leaders of those countries, how they would smile & put on a friendly appearance to the WEST , but in their OWN country to their OWN citizens ,they were beyond brutal and despicable . We couldnt even COMPREHEND “emergency law” or a Police State or people not being able to vote ,or being TORTURED , kidnapped, RAPED , or a man threatened with Rape done to his wife or daughter if they didnt comply , or beaten to a pulp for no reason , , or gather in protests ,but we had no idea the only reason we never knew these things , was because these peoples MOUTHS had been so TAPED SHUT they lived in TERROR of saying what they really felt , so they simply “obeyed” the dictator.
Suddenly I began to see that GOD was doing something , for HE had seen the oppression of these people all these years and NOW is the time He chose .
Now , He was AWAKENING Hearts in the West . He was beginning to Turn things upside down” . He was beginning to abolish long standing dictatorships that brutally controlled their own citizens and though the battle would not be easy , and it would be bloody still HE would Prevail and the FREEDOM and TRUE Justice that HE stands for , would prevail.
It was through this “Divine Education “of Libya , did I begin to better understand how “Terrorist Groups” came about all these years….and it made sense and I did realize too, that , it had partially been the fault of the West , not because of what the West had done , but rather what it HADNT done enough of .
When you are trapped in a society ruled by a brutal dictator for decades ( whereas in the West we get to see a new leader every 4 or 5 years usually ) and experience the same kind of oppression and inability to express yourself , you finally get FED UP and look for a “place” that you can be accepted or even a CAUSE where you can be heard ……and unfortuately , the DEVIL has many opportunities for that .
If those Dictatorships had not existed and there had been REAL Freedom and democracy -like the WEST has had the BLESSING to experience , then ……..there would be no place for Terrorist groups ,because there would have been total freedom to speak , to express to DO , but …sadly , FEW people right now are even willing to CONSIDER that God could be in this “Uprising”.
They just dont want to believe that GOD is in it . Its EASIER to explain it away through some sinister theory. SHAME ON YOU ALL. .You’re from the West. You know what Freedom of expression is. You HAVE it & yet , you MOCK those whom are DESPERATE for it ??
Well……more and more I had been getting utterly horrified by the Youtube Videos shown on NewsChannels all over the world , that ppl in Libya RISKED THEIR LIVES to get to the world to see . Far too many to count with LOTS of Evidence of Ghdafis Brutality and his use of MERCENARIES and the lengths he would go to , to quell this cry for Democracy . It was absolutely CLEAR he was ordering the use of GUNFIRE, Mortars and even GUNSHIPS from above and snipers to SHOOT TO KILL innocent Libyans simply holding up flags.
Then there were the phone calls coming in to News Stations around the world and the accounts shared of the terrors the people were living through, throughout ALL of Libya .

Some of you people, by your snarky comments seemed to imply that it was perfectly alright for Ghdafi and his “thugs” and hired guns to shoot to kill, whomever they felt like , including women and babies , just going to stand on their balconies -like ….this was normal and accepted. NOT TO GOD it isnt !!
Libya however, had this horrible law against REAL Journalists being in their country.
WHY ?? WHY WAS THAT SO IMPORTANT FOR THEM ,?Thats unacceptable -unless they had something to HIDE from the rest of the world .
So………….as impossible as it seemed , I started praying on my knees on Feb.21st , that somehow GOD would make a way , for even ONE bonafide International Journalist to enter LIBYA , to report to the rest of the world , what was being “hidden” by the Libyan Government ( because that is what God does. Eventually He EXPOSES what is hidden in darkness and brings it to the Light) so that GOVERNMENTS around the world were made more aware of what people living in a shroud of SILENCE were so desperate to get heard .
HOW DO YOU THINK ALL THE JOURNALISTS THAT ARE IN LIBYA TODAY ( including the German and the Russian ones ) even GOT there , in the first place when there was a total BAN on all Foreign Journalists?) HOW you ask ?
It started with ONE from MY PRAYER to GOD!
Six hours later , after my prayer, He ANSWERED IT !
There was breaking news on CNN, that the very FIRST and ONLY Foreign Journalist had somehow slipped through the Egyptian Border and was now in Tobruk, Lybia !
I couldnt believe it , now I knew there was HOPE for those poor suffering ppl.
I knew it wouldnt be long b4 more Journalists followed that lead & little by little , the world would begin to see what had been so HIDDEN and CUT OFF .
Eventually , when Ghdafi saw that He could not control Journalists from coming in through the EAST, he finally relented and “invited” World Journalists to TRIPOLI .
I also knew ( because the Lord showed me this beforehand ) to EXPECT a “river of Propaganda” from his Regime ,with so many lies & cover-ups and “staged” scenarios ( like trucking in a group of Green Flag Wavers into the VERY EDGE of Misrata to show the WHOLE city had been liberated (when that wasnt the case) and these Green Flag Wavers didnt even LIVE in Misrata. How insulting !! ) or …the “hospital scenes with the fake blood,or no blood on bandages, and oxygen masks put on upside down and very HEALTHY untouched “victims” propped in a bed, or the funerals with “Empty coffins that accidentally fell open” ,or the continual refusal to International Journalists to even SEE any bomb sites -except for the odd few and some of which , werent holes in a building BIG enough to be from a missile , or of course, the instant “shut down” of Eman Obedi whom broke through tight Libyan Security , in a desperate bid to get her story THE TRUTH to International Journalists of how she had been gang raped by 15 Ghdafi thugs – and o how quickly she was silenced then slandered ( I cannot believe that you , or Russians or Eastern Block Europeans would have the GALL to believe a pathologically lying crooked Regime against HER brave transparency risking EVERYTHING to be heard. Shame on you., God knows your heart !)
I could go on for hours but , there are 2 other things that God did , but no “sceptics” take into account .
When Ghdafi was telling the world there were no uprisngs and his forces did NOT shoot at unarmed civillians , well , no one knew what the Lord had done in secret until many days later.
He chose a woman reporter , to go into Misrata on a certain day .
Somehow she had gotten past Ghdafi checkpoints and she snuck in with camera and laptop. (Usually the Ghdafi thugs confiscated cameras or Memory Cards ) . She just happened to be INSIDE Misrata and was FILMING at the time , when there was a very LARGE protest in the streets. THOUSANDS of people carrying the STRIPED Flag , woman , children , babies, old people , and young. They were UNARMED !
Suddenly …… the camera was rolling , the peaceful scene of marchers shifted towards INCOMING Gunfire, MORTARS , SNIPERS , Tanks right towards all of them.
For THREE DAYS that reporter recorded what she heard and what she SAW.
People were dropping like flies before her , from sniper fire from GHDFAI FORCES.
They were being SHELLED by tanks .
She saw blood everywhere and the sound of the melee went on for DAYS.
Defected soldiers whom just happened to be marching with the crowds PEACEFULLY, ran to their tanks and grabbed their weapons to PROTECT the citizens from Ghdafi forces trying to KILL them all . Young men whom had never held a weapon in their life, were suddenly getting 20 minute lessons on how to fire off an RPG .
Somehow , GOD protected this one and only Journalist when NO OTHER Journalist had been allowed into Misrata and he made SURE that she got out , of it all , SAFELY ,with her Video camera intact, so that she could bring that footage to the world , to REFUTE Ghdafis lies.
Ghdafi had no idea she was even there. But GOD did. He sent her there , cause He wanted the DARK and EVIL things the Regime was doing , to be brought to the light and that is the DIFFERENCE between real Journalists and the Puppets of his Regime , whom are NOT Journalists .REAL JOURNALISTS TAKE RISKS to get the TRUTH .
Libya TV takes NO RISKS . Thats the difference. Thats when you know one is GOD and the other is NOT .
Then, on March 10th , France had just announced that they RECOGNIZED the newly formed Transitional National Council in Benghazi as the LEGITIMATE Government of the LIBYAN People .
It was at that moment that THE LORD stirred me to PRAY for the HEARTS and MINDS of Nations Leaders around the world , to follow suit . RECOGNIZE the newly formed TNC as the LEGITIMATE Government of Libya representing the ASPIRATIONS of the Libyan people .
WHY ? Because GOD did .
He did not recognize GHDAFI and his REGIME as the Legitimate Government of Libya whom represented the ASPIRATIONS of the Libyan people . His FAVOUR was apon the small , newly formed united alliance , rising out of the ashes , operating out of a bombed out building , in Benghazi.
THEY represented the asprations of the Libyan PEOPLE , not Ghdafi.
He told me to share this with Christians all over the world to pray for this and this I have been doing , as GOD asked me to do .
Its now the end of April . Look at the progress in Benghazi , since that prayer .
Dont be looking for some “conspiracy theory “ to explain it all , it was GOD , pure and simple. You just never knew it . He is PROTECTING Benghazi as He NURTURES this small group of people to form into a stable and co-hesive and progressive GOVERNMENT .NO one “leader” as they have been used to . Its not what they want . The Libyan people want a TRANSPARENT COUNCIL that is APPROACHABLE , and not “secret” whom they feel SAFE with and dont have to worry about being thrown in prison or tortured for complaining about an issue.
Why do you and so many other skeptics have such a hard time believing that , not only this is what is really happening , this is what people really WANT , or that people should be DEPRIVED of it, just cause YOU dont approve or such a simple idea seems too “suspicious” to align with your “Conspiracy Theories ……..and …..that .God is forming it, by His Hand?

The WISDOM of MEN is FOOLISHNESS to God . All your articles and Videos mean nothing to God. He knows the truth. He knows Mens hearts. Start asking HIM for the answers instead of relying on the imperfectness of MEN.Start believing instead of constantly DOUBTING .
For every article and Video you throw at me , I’ll show you HUNDREDS of others that REFUTE it all , because I know what God sees and ..what His Hand is doing , whether you like it or not.

  • Dom –

    To answer yours –

    In a word – yes.

    But he may neither advise whether he may or may not interfere –

    Nor whether or not his divine intervention would improve or not improve the bacterial content of Gaddafi’s swimming pool.


    Nonetheless she (his new girlfriend) asked me to ask you why you wanted to know since he’s just too busy lately?

  • Sorry Antony –

    I blew it big time –

    Called you Dom – Dominic Knight by mistake.

    My sincere apologies.

    Now I’m deciding whether that, above, should be knackered.

    No – please leave it.

    God these days does seem to be acting more like Danny de Vito than Charlton Heston.

    Bless you and keep strong.

  • Andrew

    Praise the lord and pass the cruise missiles, what a bizarre rant. Some folks should spend longer in church where they can't bother anyone else.

  • Carolyn

    As a Christian Churchgoer I find this convoluted piece surreal. The arrogance of assuming that "Only I know.. " is beyond belief.