Michael Hande

Hi Antony,

Your recent article on the refugee crisis was incredibly naive and was symptomatic of the Left’s inability to engage with the reality of such matters. Your empty theories and opinions will thankfully never have an impact on public policy. The unfolding refugee crisis has the potential to ruin European civilisation. Western countries throughout the world, while undoubtedly subjecting others to destructive foreign policies, have taken on a disproportionate amount of refugees and migrants in comparison with many other countries which has diluted their sense of national and cultural identity under the guise of multiculturalism and cultural relativity, which has utterly failed in many countries due to the Islamisation of their institutions and everyday lives – with much worse to come. In this case the Left is proving itself to be as dangerous as the Far Right.

The usual self-loathing commentary on the Guardian website was nowhere to be seen in your article as people across the Western world are waking up to the horror unfolding in their own countries, and the reality that Australia’s harsh and cruel immigration policies may be what their countries need in order to ensure their own survival. A pariah no more.


Michael Hande

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