Adam Livingstone

Who needs enemies when we’ve got Anthony Lowenstein?

In the concentration camps you were called a Kapo.

You are a disgusting, self hating person making your fame by undermining and defaming “your people”. You might be Jewish by birth..that’s it…let’s help unJew you, your children won’t be anyway..why should you care?
In every generation there were people like you and like them you will be forgotten and remain in the trash bin of history.
October 7th you write only a brief general sentence of “disapproval” when a mediaeval pogrom was carried out on families and ¬†innocents, nothing less than a pogrom. Why should you care, they are just Jews and Israelis. Palestinians are the only victims and have the right to commit atrocities especially against Jews.
We are better than you in every way and will survive your treachery.
Why don’t you take on a new project and justify your living in someone else’s land to which you have no cultural, religious or historic right??
Yours with disgust and loathing.
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