Do me a favor before u open ur stupid mouth about israel u werent there u didnt see thats wat some assholes said i could say obama sucked my cock ok u go there to israel and see for urself fuck arabs fuck them in thier mothers ass that they crawled out of they are sworn enemies to the jews since day one they been killin us israel didnt attack egypt syria lebanon jordan iraq and the rest or even threaten them but they attacked israel and everyday keep swearing the death to the jews look at iran its growing to world power soon and they will start fucking with israel just like everyone else did in 1948 1967 1973 1987 1994 2004 all these times they attacked the jews all these times and israek still fucked them in the ass with thier big ugly mouths u guys dont open ur eyes and see the big picture if u want to learn more ask rabbi google thank u very much.

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