Erik Rabe Røstad

You are a either a liar or know nothing about real jewish history(!!)
You are a shame to the jewish people!
Jewish land of Israel have been occupied ca 4times
1) greek occupiers
2) roman occupiers
3) Turkey occupiers
4) Muslim arab occupiers
Jewish people and culture originated in Judea and Samaria ca 4000 years ago!
The roman occupier Hadrian called jewish land of Israel for Palestine in year 135
The roman occupier Hadrian called jews land of Israel for Palestine in year 135
Jews = palestinians
Israel = Palestine
Jews does not occupy Palestine!! Israel is Palestine – you stupid arab loving fuck!!
Jews in Israel can not occupy their own homeland for 4000 years
So jewish land of Israel has been called Palestine for almost 2000 years
So jews has been called palestinians for almost 2000 years
Miniority of arabs are ok . My wife is jew-loving arab from Iran living in Norway and Israel
Majority of arabs are muslim criminal scum who are a danger to humanity with wish of global kalifat
Muslim arabic occupiers invaded Israel/Palestine and stole the name and called themselves “palestinians”
Todays “palestinians ” in Gaza and Westbank are fake palestinians (See PLO Yassir Arafat) they are arabs from Egypt and Iran
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his criminal arab scum cooporated with Adolf Hitler in 1941 to massmurder  million european jews in Holocaust (!!!!)
Fake “palestinians” or muslim arabs in Hamas and Fatah say public they want to massmurder all jews in the world
Fuck you arab-lover and your criminal arabic scum !!!
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