Marc Brezins

No, it does not appear that you are a self hating jew. Maybe you are but not aware of it . Maybe you are deeply inside anti-jewish ( and there are some reasons to be) but this part of you , that is irrational is silenced in such a way that your intellect is free  to conclude that Zionism is bad. Well, I thought the same way more or less during my twenties, but then a primitive part of myself surged and smashed all this construction based on the need to erase my jewishness , my peculiarity, which were synonym with racism towards the gentiles. Well this is too long for a email address that might be virtual. Anyway, I watched you on Aljazeera and I understand that this has become your profession, to vilipend the country in public instead of making aliya and changing it from inside . What a waste ! Or is it just for a good salary? What about love?

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