Thomas Paine

Sad Ignorant people you all are here. The Palestinians are responsible for their own problems. If these corrupt Palestinians you all so support would stop brainwashing their children, blowing themselves up, strapping bombs to their sister and blowing them up in the name of Allah, and being militant and picking up arms because they were brainwashed into hate–if they stopped all of this, then they could have peace TOMORROW, don’t you get it! The Israelis DO NOT TARGET CIVILIANS. It is collateral damage due to Palestine’s own war mongering and violent leaders and society. GO AHEAD YOU NUT JOBS. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! If these Palestinians tried just once to stop the violence and hate in their society, you would see an end to or less military action having to be taken against these terrorists in Palestine. But in the corrupt land of Arab radicalism, there is no chance to start moderate movements. The moderates in such Arab societies are shouted down and targeted for violence so abusers of the Koran can use hate to scapegoat the anxieties of their own people who they oppress against the “Jews” or “Americans”. Doing this helps the radicals to retain power and keeps the Arab masses on their side with a common objective of murdering and hating Israelis. You brainwashed pro-Palestinians make me sick! How about you call out some of the horrible practices such as brainwashing their citizens to hate and commit acts of terror, blowing themselves up, which is the main thing that propagates this violence, but you dont! You only condemn Israel! Sad sad ignorant people you are here!

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