Maliki on the ropes

Just as Bush is set to deliver an abysmal progress report on Iraq, the Malaki government is staring into the abyss.

Sadr is said to be sponsoring a ‘no confidence’ motion in the government, which would be supported by the Vice President. A united opposition, backed by the oil workers, is being developed over the neocolonial oil laws. The Green Zone is under attack, and Maliki’s alibis are swearing to Voice of America that it would be a disaster if he fell, while his Foreign Minister is pleading with the Americans not to leave for fear that the increasingly isolated government should collapse.

This explains why in spite of the fact that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis want the occupation to end, the puppet Iraqi government insists otherwise.…  The only legitimacy they enjoy is made possible by the protection they are afforded by US troops and military contractors.… … The last hurrah from Malaki may be to pass the controversial oil laws, but either way they are damned if they do… and damned if they don’t. …  The Iraqi public will never accept these agreements, yet if they are not passed, there is no telling what the Washington has in store for Maliki.

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