Evil will be vanquished

CNN provides a priceless headline that perfectly articulates the brainlessness of Republican presidential nominee John McCain: McCain promises to fight ‘evil’ if president. Eight years of George W. Bush fighting “evil” has been an amazing success. Clearly McCain is keen to follow in his mentor’s path.

Human rights, boycotts and nationalism

My following article appears in the Amnesty International Australia’s Uncensor campaign about human rights in China: With only 100 days until the Beijing Games, human rights activists are continuing to pressure the Chinese regime and authorities may be starting to feel the pressure, writes Antony Loewenstein. After months of criticism of its human rights record,…

How to describe junk?

China doesn’t understand that criticism is part and parcel of the political and media process, though perhaps this CNN commentator went a little far? China on Tuesday demanded that television news channel CNN apologize after one of its commentators said the Chinese were “goons” and that their products were “junk.” Jack Cafferty made the comments…

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