Democracy Now! interview on Israel live-testing weapons in Gaza

I spoke to US show Democracy Now! about the events since the 7 October attack by Hamas on Israel, Western arms sales to Israel and how Israel is live-testing weapons on Gaza for potential foreign sales: Worldwide protests calling for a ceasefire are drawing attention to the role of weapons manufacturers and distributors supplying machinery…

NPR covers the growing trend of offshoring refugees in remote locations

The 21st century sees many nations looking for ways to punish, isolate and deter refugees (while often contributing to the reasons these people are fleeing in the first place through wars and occupations). I recently published a major investigation in US magazine The Nation on how Australia is inspiring the EU and others over its…

East Jerusalem is Palestinian, says EU

The EU takes a stand: European Foreign Ministers on Tuesday declared their support for the division of Jerusalem, saying that a way should be found to make Jerusalem the shared capital of both Israel and a future Palestinian state. Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, presented a draft document last week supporting the division…

Freedom lives?

The European Union is moving towards the establishment of a European Global Online Freedom Act: The proposal is not focussed at any specific country. It calls on the European Commission to deal with censorship in third countries through it…´s external trade policy. It is in no way solemnly directed at China.

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