Killing “them”

Who is really assisting the killing of the world’s Third World population? Yes, the United Kingdom: A controversial deal with Saudi Arabia catapulted Britain to the top of the world arms export league last year, as UK firms won a record …£10bn in orders from overseas, official figures show. The figure amounts to a third…

Letting the monkeys control the asylum

Progress in Iraq? Not unlike Afghanistan, the West has empowered warlords to control the country. “Victory” can be declared (with Iraqi civilians now living under a new kind of Saddam-like hell): Warlords and criminal gangs dominate Basra amid growing concern that British forces have failed to create the conditions needed for political and economic reconstruction,…

Uncle Rupe, how can I help you?

If you think that Rupert Murdoch can’t still greatly affect election results in the Western world – based purely on power, not ideology, always remember – then you should get your head read.

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