Green new world?

The following article is co-written with Lee Rhiannon, New South Wales Greens Senate candidate in the forthcoming collection and appears in Online Opinion: The bottom line for big business is return on investment for shareholders. However, the way a business is perceived as environmentally friendly or destructive seriously affects their profits. This is why corporations…

The policy on Israel

My following article is published in Dawn, Pakistan’s leading English-language newspaper: During this year’s US presidential campaign, both Republican nominee John McCain and Democratic contender Barack Obama expressed unwavering support for Israel. It was the only country in the world that required constant loyalty tests. Obama told the leading Zionist lobby, AIPAC, that he would…

Political vaudeville

My latest New Matilda column is about the forthcoming US election: Vacuous coverage of the US election has only skimmed the surface of the economic and foreign policy challenges facing the next President, argues Antony Loewenstein Mainstream media debate over the forthcoming US election has been fixated on the trivial rather than the substantive. Foreign…

Which elites should win?

Is there essentially any difference between Barack Obama and John McCain? Or, as Noam Chomsky argues, are they simply different factions of the one party, the business party?

Lord save us

Whatever happened to God during yesterday’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain?

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