Killing them very softly

Wikileaks uncovers a sensitive US military counter-insurgency manual that could be described as, “What we learned about running death squads and propping up corrupt government in Latin America and how to apply it to other places”.

Something to celebrate

One senses that the Council on Foreign Affairs isn’t pleased with the conclusion of its new report: “The era of the United States as the dominant influence in Latin America is over…” Considering Washington’s shocking record in the region over the last decades, we should welcome this timely re-alignment of power.

The Iraq war gift

Stephen Kinzer, Guardian Comment is Free, April 23: Trying to figure out who won the Iraq war is a challenging parlour game. Nearly every faction, group and nation has lost. The only evident victors are Iran, the Kurds and a handful of giant American corporations. It is slowly becoming clear, however, that there is another…

This is what they do

“Violation of US policy”? Pulease: In an apparent violation of U.S. policy, Peace Corps volunteers and a Fulbright scholar were asked by a U.S. Embassy official in Bolivia “to basically spy” on Cubans and Venezuelans in the country, according to Peace Corps personnel and the Fulbright scholar involved. “I was told to provide the names,…

The world through a Latin screen

The digital awakening of a continent continues apace (despite the continual faltering of Cuba): The Dominican Republic has the second-highest technology level within the CAFTA trade pact, according to the second annual Latin Technology Index from Latin Business Chronicle. The Dominican Republic ranks ten among the 20 countries surveyed, but is ahead of all CAFTA…

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