How well is the media covering Gaza?

How well is the media covering Gaza?

How the media reports on and discusses Israel/Palestine matters. For many years, with notable exceptions, the wilful blindness of the media towards humanising Palestinians has been demoralising. I discuss this on the Fourth Estate radio program, broadcast around Australia, this week:  

Discussing Lachlan Murdoch with Paddy Manning

Discussing Lachlan Murdoch with Paddy Manning

Journalist Paddy Manning has written a fascinating book on Lachlan Murdoch, the heir apparent of the global media empire, called The Successor. I interviewed him about the book and his methods behind it at this year’s Newcastle Writer’s Festival:  

Why so many people don’t believe what they see and hear

The growing public distrust of the mainstream media is an issue that should concern all living and breathing citizens (and yes, there are often good reasons for it). It’s an issue I discuss in this interview on The Jist podcast along with my new book, The Palestine Laboratory, and mass surveillance. I previously appeared on…

Rising Palestinian voices

My recent interview with Bay FM, a great community radio station in Byron Bay, Australia. The interviewer Fernando has constructed an interesting, podcast-style production on Israel/Palestine: BayFM 99.9 · Palestine Special with Mohammed & Muna El-Kurd and Antony Loewenstein 14.06.21

Shaping and skewing coverage of Israel/Palestine

I participated in this event earlier in the week on the role and responsibility of the media when reporting on Israel/Palestine. It was organised by the UTS Centre for Social Justice & Inclusion and UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in Sydney, Australia. Over 250 people attended the event via Zoom: How does the…

Challenging those self-serving media narratives since 9/11

My book review in yesterday’s Weekend Australian newspaper:…  In The Operators, a great book on the war in Afghanistan, the American journalist Michael Hastings is scathing of reporters who spend their lives praising generals and socialising with them. Hastings exposed the arrogance and childish antics of the then head of US operations in Afghanistan, Stanley…

How do we escape our filter bubbles?

We live in an age of filter bubbles. I’ve been commissioned by Germany’s Goethe Institute to discuss these issues online for the next month alongside Austrian journalist Robert Misik. Here’s the first entry that is distributed in 160 nations around the world (here’s the German version): Once upon a time there were hopes that the…

The wonder, anger and occupation of Jerusalem

My essay in The National newspaper about the city of Jerusalem: House demolitions occur regularly in East Jerusalem, well away from the tourist path. According to the United Nations, Israel destroyed 190 Palestinian homes in 2016 and displaced thousands of people. It was the highest figure since 2000. I’ve witnessed Palestinian families thrown out of…

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