The high stakes in the case of Julian Assange

The high stakes in the case of Julian Assange

Since its inception in 2006, Wikileaks has been a vitally important news organisation. As founder Julian Assange fights for his life and freedom, Al Jazeera English interviewed me about his case: “It’s an invaluable resource that remains utterly essential to understand how power works, not just US power, but global power,” Antony Loewenstein, an independent…

When is the time to boycott?

When the political and media class routinely support tyranny in the name of ‘democracy’, community-led boycotts become essential. My latest essay in the Sydney Review of Books, a 3k+ word piece, on Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, BDS and reporter John Lyons’ fine new book, Dateline Jerusalem: Journalism’s Toughest Assignment.

When will I praise Israeli hegemony, Israel lobby asks?

It’s nice to know that Australia’s most belligerent, pro-Israel lobby, AIJAC, watches my media appearances (when they’re not backing Israel’s occupation in Palestine). I was recently on Sky News talking about the war in Ukraine. AIJAC only wants obedience to its agenda so this “critique” is hilarious: In an interview on Sky News Australia (March…

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