Standing for free speech as South African writer assaulted

I just heard about this shocking story in South Africa and signed a statement in solidarity: The savage attack on Zainub Dala shows the terror of the freedom to use words, and the desire to obliterate them. On Wednesday March 18 author, Zainub Priya Dala was violently attacked as she left her hotel during the…

Thoughts and insights from Cape Town's Open Book literary festival

I’ve just returned from Cape Town’s Open Book literary festival where I was a guest speaker. It was a stimulating week of discussions about politics, South Africa’s post 1994 reality, apartheid, Palestine, writing, Africa and much in between. I was warmly welcomed and often provoked by the conversations. One of my sessions was on disaster…

What Mandela teaches Israel (but she isn't listening)

The great Gideon Levy in Haaretz (and one of the finest columns on the death of the great South African, though Jonathan Cook’s dissenting view is vital): South African President Nelson Mandela, in his address for International Solidarity Day with the Palestinian People on December 4, 1997, said: “We know too well that our freedom…

Can divesting in fossil fuel companies help the climate crisis?

The US campaign aims to lead a public movement against climate change by putting financial and painful pressure on fossil fuel companies that cause climate change. It’s an interesting idea, debated below on Democracy Now!, as similar tactics were used against apartheid South Africa and today’s apartheid Israel:

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