The challenge in defanging the Palestine laboratory

The challenge in defanging the Palestine laboratory

My new essay in the UK-based Middle East Eye examines my new book, The Palestine Laboratory, and also details the growing Israeli influence on Taiwan and other nation states. An extract: The Israeli defence industry inspires nations across the globe, many of which view themselves as under threat from external enemies. The Taiwanese foreign minister,…

How much do we owe Afghan refugees?

My new piece for Declassified Australia on the disparity between Afghan and Ukrainian refugees and how Australia (and the US) view the neediest people on the planet: Around 6,000 humanitarian visas have been granted to Afghan refugees in the 12 months since the end of the US occupation in August 2021. This is from a total of…

When is the time to boycott?

When the political and media class routinely support tyranny in the name of ‘democracy’, community-led boycotts become essential. My latest essay in the Sydney Review of Books, a 3k+ word piece, on Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, BDS and reporter John Lyons’ fine new book, Dateline Jerusalem: Journalism’s Toughest Assignment.

When will I praise Israeli hegemony, Israel lobby asks?

It’s nice to know that Australia’s most belligerent, pro-Israel lobby, AIJAC, watches my media appearances (when they’re not backing Israel’s occupation in Palestine). I was recently on Sky News talking about the war in Ukraine. AIJAC only wants obedience to its agenda so this “critique” is hilarious: In an interview on Sky News Australia (March…

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