Mission statement

Zalmay Khalilzad finally reveals the real agenda of America’s “destiny” – invasion and occupation:

The U.S. ambassador here on Monday urged war-weary Americans to dig in for the long haul: a years-long effort to transform Iraq and the surrounding region, now one of the world’s major trouble spots.

“We must perhaps reluctantly accept that we have to help this region become a normal region, the way we helped Europe and Asia in another era,” Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “Now it’s this area from Pakistan to Morocco that we should focus on.”

Khalilzad, an Afghan immigrant to the U.S. who has for years advocated an aggressive effort to bring democracy to the Muslim world, predicted that the long-term U.S. effort to “shape the future of this region” would continue regardless of which party controlled the White House, how many troops remained in Iraq and what tactics and strategies were employed.

“The world has gotten smaller and is getting smaller and smaller all the time,” he said in the interview. “Isolationism, fortress America isn’t going to deal with these problems of the kind that we’re facing. Willy-nilly, this is our destiny, given our preponderance in the world, our role in the world and because of our successes.”

With Iraq in the grip of civil war, the idea that the US public will support further major interventions in the region is fanciful. Unless, of course, imaginary threats can be sustained.

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