A picture of the region

Minute 22, a project by the bi-monthly magazine Sowar, is “about taking a single photo at the exact same time in the Arab world”:

Egypt – 2:22pm
Iraq – 2:22pm
Jordan – 2:22pm
Lebanon – 2:22pm
Saudi Arabia – 2:22pm
Syria – 2:22pm
Yemen – 2:22pm
Libya – 1:22pm
Sudan – 2:22pm
Morocco – 12:22pm
Tunisia – 1:22pm
Kuwait – 2:22pm
Algeria – 12:22pm
UAE – 3:22pm
Bahrain – 2:22pm
Qatar – 2:22pm
Oman – 3:22pm
Mauritania – 11:22am
Somalia – 2:22pm
Palestine – 2:22pm
Djibouti – 2:22pm
Comoros – 2:22pm

The results are striking, not least the one from blogger Saudi Jeans:

When the magazine came out this week I received an email from the magazine congratulating me that my picture was published, and that I can purchase my copy online from anywhere except Saudi Arabia. When I asked them why, they said they have tried to send issues in the past to Saudi Arabia but every time they bounced back! I guess the Ministry of (dis)Infromation don’t like photography that much.

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