A very bad Zionist joke?

This article in Haaretz is the kind of piece that defines Zionist chauvinism, racism and ignorance. Welcome to modern Israel:

With a rare combination of diplomatic sense, psychological understanding, clear logic and a deep and comprehensive grasp of security, the Ministerial Committee on Legislation approved a brilliant draft law last week by majority vote. The law would bar Arabs from marking the Nakba (“day of the catastrophe”) on the day when Jewish citizens celebrate the establishment of the state.

There are so many weighty reasons for this most welcome law. First of all, the Arabs did not suffer any catastrophe. They are wrong in thinking that something unfortunate happened to them in 1948, especially since they themselves are responsible for it happening. Secondly, any expression of regret on Israel’s official day of joy is an act aimed at undermining the state; it even directly threatens national security…

There is no doubt that a law of this kind, just like the Nakba law, would educate the Arabs and get them used to seeing the Jewish state of Israel as their country, and even fill them with delight at this fact.

UPDATE: Maybe this piece is ironic. Mmm…

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