ABC Sunday Nights interview on For God's Sake

My recent book, For God’s Sake, tackles religion, faith and politics. Last Sunday all the contributors were interviewed by ABC Radio’s… Sunday Night:

Sunday Nights takes on the world’s biggest religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and, what some refer to as a kind of religion, Atheism.
A recent book, For God’s Sake, features representatives from each of these faiths together to debate some of life’s most critical issues, from the personal to the political.
In this edition of The Issue, Noel Debien is joined by author and atheist commentator, Jane Caro; freelance journalist and prominent Jewish commentator, Antony Loewenstein; Director of the Centre for Public Christianity, Simon Smart; and academic and writer Rachel Woodlock, who specialises in Islam and Muslims in the West.
In this fascinating discussion, they discuss their views on belief, the universe, abortion and the concept of good and evil.… 

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