ABCTV News24 on Wikileaks cablegate

Following my analysis on ABC this week about the Wikileaks story (353 comments and counting) I was invited onto ABC TV News24’s The Drum on Thursday to discuss my criticism of the media’s coverage. Alongside ABC’s Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb and The Daily Telegraph’s Joe Hilderbrand (video here for two weeks) I argued that many in the corporate media were too keen to focus on government embarrassment over the cables.

The panelists didn’t share my skepticism and felt that the press was just doing its job by reporting official anger over the documents. But why then were so many commentators and journalists (with notable exceptions) always framing their stories around the establishment view?

Government anger is a given with these stories but the key points are far more important; how the US routinely pressures allies and foes to bend to its will. And now we have the documents to prove it.

America as the “indispensable nation”?