Add him to the list; yet another Australian politician who embraces occupying Israel

Australian Federal Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese cares about Palestinians as much as he loves feral cats. His party’s abiding dedication to Zionism is what matters; words are cheap and actions only say backing for Israeli occupation.

So his latest comments are no surprise (in a party where principle left through the back door years ago):

Marrickville council’s boycott of Israel has been slammed as “costly, clumsy and unproductive” by Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese, who says the resolution should be dropped immediately.

Mr Albanese took a swipe at the Greens-inspired policy, claiming it had caused widespread division and had put local Sydney ratepayers out of pocket by more than $100 million.

“It’s time, when the council meets tomorrow night, to put aside this division and to say that the council, should prioritise getting back to basics … not trying to be an alternative foreign government for Australia that has brought the local community I’m proud to represent into a state of ridicule across the country,” said Mr Albanese, who is federal MP for Grayndler, which includes Marrickville.

“This is about self-indulgence and playing politics by the Greens party locally – it’s about time they cut their losses, acknowledge it was a mistake and move on.”

Mr Albanese would not say if he too lobbied the local councillors, but said they “had made it clear” they would vote against the boycott.

“The problem with the BDS is that it is a one-state solution, it doesn’t provide a way forward,” he said.

“I think we need policies that promote a win-win – that don’t have to be anti-Israeli to be pro-Palestinian – and I think that is very important in moving forward on these issues.”