Admiring Mahmoud

Iranian blogger Hoder explains that the majority of Iranians, according to a new poll, support President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s policies:

A lot is being published and said these days about ahmadinejad’s diminishing appeal. But aside from this recent parliament elections, I have another reason to say that it is all wishful thinking.

Just take a look at this recent poll results (full PDF version) on Iran, done by the American ‘Terror Free Tomorrow’ research institution (we’re talking John McCain, Lee H. Hamilton, William H. Frist, and Thomas H. Kean on its board).

Satisfaction with Ahmadinejad’s economic policies, the poll results show, has nearly doubled since last June. 42% now think that “economy is headed toward the right direction,” from 27% last June.

Many progressives in the West have long believed that a majority of Iranians crave a more moderate government. I’m not so sure. Many certainly do, but a strong Islam is vital to many Iranians. Having said that, the conservative forces in the country consistently slander and isolate any possible reformist push.

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