Afghanistan may be at war but rest assured the vultures will come

A friend says that a link to this page appeared on Murdoch’s Australian today, just proving that exploitating the fears and conflict of a war-torn country is never beyond the remit of disaster capitalists:

U.S. geologists just found some $1 trillion of untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan. What’s next for the war-torn country?

Overnight, Afghanistan has gone from being a political pariah to one of the richest countries on the globe.

But can the rocky, war-torn desert – known mostly for harboring terrorists and exporting opium – be reborn as a major commodities exporter?

Afghanistan’s mineral wealth includes large caches of iron, copper, gold and lithium that could turn the country into one of the most important mining centers in the world.

Think of Australia, Canada, and Latin America. They pale in comparison to the goldmine Afghanistan could be sitting on.

But, how will Afghanistan tap into these deposits? It is a country marked by ongoing warfare, lack of infrastructure and political corruption… Will they ever be able to overcome all that?

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