AIPAC the enforcer

It’s that time of the year again, and AIPAC are in top form, proving yet again that no one does a conference quite like them.

Yesterday, Cheney inspired warm applause as he repeated the often used hyperbole about the dangers of pulling out of Iraq and how dangerous this would be for Israel.

The lobby was in no mood for pleasantries as they boo’d one of their staunchest followers, Nanci Pelosi. Pelosi evidently missed the memo from Tzipi Livni about her talking points, who dared to suggest that the Iraqi occupation had been a failure. Michael Rivero put it best:

It will be interesting to see what happens to Pelosi in the next round of elections, given that she has just commited political hara-kiri here at AIPAC.

The next phone call she needs to make is to Cynthia McKinney to find out how to get her career back.

Then again, Pelosi could have learned from Condi’s experience two years ago.

Speaking of AIPAC, it looks like their fingerprints are all over the sudden turn around by the Democratic leadership not to prevent Bush from attacking Iran without Congressional approval.

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