al-Askari shrine bombed again

Anyway you look at this, it stinks to high heaven.

Was this the work of the Sunni insurgents? The same ones the US are now arming?

Or was this, as many Shiite and Sunni’s suspect, the work of government/occupation operatives?

After the government forces surrounded the area, the explosion of al-Hadi Mosque performed in Samarra as using the method done last year.

One of the highlights of this terrorist act, many government snipers positioned on the surrounding roofs of buildings in the place from all directions.

The doors of the shrine also closed and nobody was allowed to enter.

The explosion took place this morning under two minarets in a very similar way like what happened to the golden dome more than a year ago, which implies the involvement of apparatus and forces of the Iraqi Government in this new crime.

And isn’t it convenient how this took place just as Sunni and Shiite government factions were aligning to demand an end to the occupation?

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