Al Jazeera Arabic film on abducted Yemeni babies in Israel

A while ago, I started journalistic consulting work with Al Jazeera Arabic, based in Doha.

I provided research and early producing (in English) on a just released documentary about the horrific story of Yemeni Jewish babies being stolen by Israel in the 1950s. The film is in Arabic and I understand that an English language version will be released soon:

The investigation follows the case of the disappearance of nearly two thousand Yemeni Jewish children the moment they arrived in Israel in an operation called “Carpet of the Wind.” The fate of these children remains unknown until this moment. The program team was able to reveal the details of this case through exclusive testimonies from the families of the missing and documents from the Israeli archives. The team documented important statements from within the Knesset. These statements made by members of the Knesset confirm what was stated in the investigation and reveal that the Israeli authorities misled Israeli society for more than seventy years and that the investigation committees were not serious in revealing the truth.

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