Another vote for democracy

Washington’s “war on terror” is a violent fantasy wrapped in a veneer of respectability. Ethiopia has some experience receiving US support for its fight on “terror.”

Ethiopundit tells us that the West is knowingly aiding a tyrannical regime in the name of “stability”:

“This year the Ethiopian regime put on an election show for the benefit of Western donors who were to give their applause in the form of extra billions of dollars in aid. The ruling party’s show failed with bad reviews when all voting districts with observers present voted for the opposition.

“Subsequently a massive effort to rig the results was only matched by mass repression of which we only know a fraction of the resulting suffering and bloodshed in urban areas. All the illusory human rights have ended and tens of thousands are subject to disappearance, imprisonment, torture and further destitution for their refusal to accept the eternal rule of the politburo.

“The opposition has resorted to only peaceful means of defiance. Western nations seeing a general interest in the status quo have pressured the opposition to ‘obey the constitution’ and to pray for better next time when all will likely be far worse.

“While the opposition would have been killed in its entirety years before without Western interest, the response of the West this time has been one of espousing an infamous moral equivalence between a bloody dictatorship and a victorious democratic opposition.”

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