Breeding ground

The diary of Omar Deghayes, a British resident, incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay without charge since September 2002

Tuesday 5 July

Khalid Hatair (Kuwaiti) was found unconscious in his cell when Military Police wanted to give dinner food. He was ill because of the hunger strike. He was taken to hospital. 3pm. Shammrani was taken to Investigation and asked why the hunger strike. He told her disrespect to all religious rituals and this is the fourth year in prison without any charges.

Thursday 28

About 4 am I received early morning food before dawn for fast. It was very good. They changed it. It may cost the same price as before. But was cooked for humans this time. Yesterday [****] came back from meeting his attorney. He said three bombs hit London city. I am thinking who will put such bombs in London in this time!! I do not see how such bombings in London can enhance any Islamic cause. Britain is the best country in the world in treating its Muslim minorities and provides refuge to many others. I am sure the majority of British public are against any war…Because of this I would conclude no [true] Islamic group would want to bomb London.

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