Bring Auschwitz into the Israel debate and take a back seat

Why oh why do so many Zionists only write in apocalyptic language? Because that’s all they know. Victimhood is too appealing.

Here’s Sarah Honig:

Obama’s endgame is to debilitate, demoralize and destabilize Israel. All he offers Israelis is a choice of how his inimical goal will be achieved. This may be via allowing Iran the weaponry with which to intimidate Israel or by shrinking Israel into the Auschwitz borders (as ultra-dove Abba Eban called the 1949 armistice lines into which Obama schemes to squeeze us).

We can avoid Iranian nukes by opting for the Auschwitz borders or we can avoid the Auschwitz borders but be bullied by Iranian nukes. The unspoken signal from Washington is: Either way, you’re dead. Yet we are somehow supposed to refrain from saying so lest we upset Obama even more.

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