Criminality personified

While a clueless Israeli academic casually discusses the possibility of military strikes against Iran, a report on last year’s Lebanon war has been released (with no mainstream media coverage.)

Uzi Rubin was the first director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization in the Israel Ministry of Defense, so is very well connected. His conclusions? Israeli Shraga Elam explains (in an email missive):

He [Rubin] supports the contention that Iran prevented Hizballah from using the Iranian made long distance rockets. This moderating Iranian influence stands in contradiction to a very militant interpretation of verbal statements of Ahamedinijad. Considering that the Iranian conventional rockets could have achieved an effect similar to a nuclear weapon if they would have hit some Israeli strategic targets, it means that the Iranian government demonstrated more responsibility than the Israeli leadership. It displayed more respect for the “balance of terror” than their Israeli counterparts. I am very far from supporting the possession of nuclear weapon, but it seems that even if Iran will have the A bomb it will not be more dangerous than the Israeli possession of nukes.


It is important to state that recently the Israeli Manufacturers Association reported that most of its members, who are using dangerous substances like ammonia etc. do not have any real defence against conventional rockets. This means that Israel cannot afford itself a further adventure against Iran, Syria or the Hizballah…

Read the whole report.

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