Dissapearing Children

A highly disturbing new report has just been issued jointly by six human rights groups concerning 39 individuals whose whereabouts are unknown. On the surface of it, the U.S. has simply “disappeared” them or secretly holding some in detention. Among the disappeared are likely children as young as 7-9 years old. Hilzoy’s post is superb and ought to be read widely.

Glenn Greenwald makes a macabre prediction.

We will undoubtedly hear at the next GOP debate from Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and company as they explain — in the face of wild cheers from the “base” — that they not only favor the disappearance of the children of Terrorists, but think the minimum age of detention ought to be halved from 8 to 4, and the number of secretly detained children doubled at least. Terrorists, after all, are Evil, and we need to imprison their young children in secret in order to defend civilized norms.

Just when you thought our governments had reached the bottom, our leaders somehow mange to plumb to even lower depths of depravity.