Failure is no longer an option

The New York Times is known to often accurately reflect American foreign policy intentions. Hence, as the Obama administration has privately acknowledged the impending clash with the new, extremist Israeli government, the Times publishes a piece by a “progressive” Israeli lobbyist, J Street’s Jeremy Ben Ami, and puts the Zionist fanatics on notice (are the community leaders in Australia listening, too, because they’re being challenged like never before):

Jewish Americans — who remain deeply loyal to Israel and staunch defenders of its right to exist — now face conflicting winds blowing on two continents. An overwhelming majority share the politics and worldview of President Barack Obama and have rejected the Bush-Cheney neoconservatism that framed Middle East conflict in simplistic black and white. They recognize, as the new president said in Ankara this week, that security requires peace and that peace begins by “learning to stand in somebody else’s shoes to see through their eyes.”

Yet leaders of the American Jewish community demand unquestioning loyalty to an Israeli government that has made Avigdor Lieberman its face to the world. This is a man whose platform called for loyalty oaths, whose words verge on racism and whose worldview is based on the very “us-versus-them” mentality so thoroughly discredited over the past eight years.

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