Finally, some home truths

A conservative, Australian columnist articulates a growing view towards the Jewish state:

The moral legacy of the Holocaust has now passed into history. It can no longer be leveraged, in any way, in contemporary politics. The idea that members of the Jewish Diaspora can only be the victims of racism, rather than the practitioners of racism, like every other group, is now a dead letter and untenable.

I write this as someone who has given support to Israel, and taken a hard line against Muslim racism, but can no longer draw any other conclusion than that the combustible policies of the Israeli Government have become a danger to Australia and to Australians everywhere.

As Australia’s Muslim population grows in number and political force, politicians will be forced to adopt a more balanced view of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Israel in its current form is not sustainable. When an individual like Sheehan starts accepting this, it’s only a matter of time before others do, too.

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