Finding the Lord

Promoting Jesus can be a dangerous business:

Uzbek courts have ordered to close Kokand and Fergana offices of the Central Asian Free Exchange (CAFE), US non-governmental organization, a source at the Uzbek Justice Ministry said.

It was proven in court that organization employees were engaged in proselytism, which is prohibited by the Uzbek law on the freedom of worship and religious organizations. For instance, they tried to convert local residents into Protestantism by giving them bicycles for free.

Several days ago a similar investigation was launched against the Global Involvement Through Education, another American non-governmental organization. Four employees of the organization have been fined for missionary activities in Samarkand.

The Central Asian Free Exchange is based in Florida and bound to promote cultural exchanges. It opened offices in Uzbekistan in 1992.… 

Central Asia has become a breeding ground for Christian missionaries. There are pros and cons to such behaviour but Uzbek law is clearly in need of modification.

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