Football taught Zionist that ethnic cleansing may not be ideal

Oh this is so charming.

Here’s Danny Brill, from Melbourne but living in Jerusalem. He was assistant coach/player in the first Peres Peace Team in 2008. It’s a classic liberal Zionist program to make everybody feel good about the Middle East and get a few Jews and Arabs speaking and playing together. But it completely ignores the occupation and attempts to normalise a fundamentally abnormal conflict.

Anyway, here’s Brill:

Fast-forward 3 years. The International Cup is again upon us, and we are starting to get the Peace Team ready to give some fight, but this time things are different.

For a start, I no longer believe that all Muslims should be removed from the State of Israel, I no longer believe that violence is the only solution, I no longer believe that there is no one who wants real peace on the other side, and I no longer believe that I am powerless to do anything about the current situation.