Friends in the wrong places

AIPAC is a wealthy and powerful Zionist lobby in the US, though it doesn’t seem too concerned about taking care of its own:

The defense team of former AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) employee Keith Weissman launched an effort to get the US Jewish community to support the case of the two AIPAC staffers charged with communicating classified information to Israeli diplomats and others.

For the first time since the case broke, in August 2004, lawyers are attempting to end the Jewish community’s silence on this issue.

Attorney Baruch Weiss, who is one of Weissman’s lawyers, made his first appearance Wednesday night in front of a small crowd at a Washington synagogue. “What surprises me is the lack of support from the Jewish community. The Jewish community should be asking why were these two people selected to be prosecuted,” Weiss said, referring to his client and to Steve Rosen, another former AIPAC employee charged in the case.… 

This is not surprising. Many Jews feel increasingly uncomfortable associating with the Bush “doctrine”, and would prefer not to be seen advocating military action for Israel’s security. George W. Bush isn’t following the script, however.

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