Gideon Levy takes centre stage

After one of Israel’s leading journalists, Gideon Levy, won an award this week for a startling article on the Palestinian children killed by the IDF, he said the following about his newspaper, Haaretz:

“I think this is a prize for Haaretz. It has once again been recognized as the only platform in Israel that enables both complete, fair journalistic coverage that is not enlisted in a cause and a pluralistic expression of opinions and views. Without Haaretz, there would be no Gideon Levy, nor would there be many of the other voices that it makes heard. I’m not certain there are many papers in the world that would allow me to do my work as Haaretz has for the 25 years I have been working here.”

With all its faults, Haaretz remains one of the world’s finest newspapers, unafraid to tackle Israel’s apartheid regime in the occupied territories and publishing opinions from across the political spectrum.

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