Government and media are different?

For many corporate “journalists”, pleasing power is all in a day’s work. Glenn Greenwald is spot-on:

It’s not news that establishment journalists identify with, are merged into, serve as spokespeople for, the political class:…  that’s what makes them establishment journalists.…  But even knowing that, it’s just amazing, to me at least, how so many of these “debates” I’ve done involving one anti-WikiLeaks political figure and one ostensibly “neutral” journalist — on MSNBC with The Washington Post‘s… Jonathan Capehart and former GOP… Congresswoman Susan Molinari, on NPR with The New York Times‘ John… Burns and former Clinton State Department official James Rubin, and last night on CNN… with Yellin and Townsend — entail no daylight at all between the “journalists” and the political figures.…  They don’t even bother any longer with the pretense that they’re distinct or play different assigned roles. … I’m not complaining here — Yellin was perfectly fair and gave me ample time — but merely observing how inseparable are most American journalists from the political officials they “cover.”

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